Pockets full of stuff every time you go out?

Cell phone, wallet, maybe a coin or two for the bus, a tissue, earphones…

Let’s be honest!! It’s not comfortable and it doesn’t look good either. Having to pull up your pants every now and then because you carry so many things in your pockets.

Connect Promotions has the perfect solution for you. The new Silicone Smart Wallet lets you carry your stuff easier. It is stuck to your cell phone, and you can also insert the credit card or some cash without needing to carry your wallet with you. You can also include the earphones so you don’t lose them and they’re always together with the phone.

It can hold up to three credit cards, a driver’s license, hotel key card or business cards. It’s the perfect way for a night out when all you need to carry are some of your personal items, not your purse or entire wallet.

Forget about wallets and start thinking about the Silicone Smart Wallet.

Carrying your stuff’s never been easier.

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