Are you brand aware? We are surrounded by brands and business names every day of our lives, but many people do not realise just how embedded in our culture branding is. We’ve found some interesting facts about some of the world’s biggest brands, and we’re sure that some of these will be news to you!

Brand Name Secrets

How many of these secrets about the big brands did you already know?

Adidas and Puma. Did you know that these two super brands came about as the result of a fierce family feud that involved a whole town? The Dassler Brothers Sports Shoe Company, run by two brothers from their mother’s laundry room in a small German town, was made popular when Jesse Owens wore their shoes to compete and win four gold medals in the 1936 Olympics. Family tensions caused strain in the brotherly relationship, and sharing a villa with their wives and families did not make things easier. Both brothers had joined the Nazi party and political and personal misunderstandings and betrayals lead to the breaking up of the company. Adidas was the new company forged by the younger brother, Adi, and Puma, originally named Ruda, was owned by Rudi, the older brother. Competing factories, on opposite sides of the river Aurach, employed most of the townsfolk and led to many years of discord in the town, resolved only after the deaths of the brothers, when, in 2009, employees of both companies arranged a friendly soccer match.

• Nike. Sporting super-brand Nike was originally named Blue Ribbon Sports, but was renamed Nike after the winged Greek Goddess of victory. The Nike logo, often believed to be a tick, is, in fact, a representation of the wings and speed of the Goddess.

• Google. Google is a giant of a brand, and has acquired, on average, one company per week since 2010. Did you know that Google owns YouTube?

• Apple. Talking to Siri may feel like having a friend on hand to help you out, but did you know that everything you say to Siri is stored and analyzed in an Apple data center?

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