School time is about to end for the summer.

After studying throughout the year, “working hard” and spending all their days enduring the monotony of classes, our kids deserve to have some fun!

They deserve a good time and good weather… Summer is just around the corner! It’s the time to let children enjoy the camps, leave the TVs and video games at home to get some fresh air!!

Are children and their loving parents your target audience? Well look no further as we have loads of ideas for suitable promotional products to keep the little mites happy during the summer season. Every company wants to stand out from the crowd and be original, we can have bespoke items designed and made to your specs for that promotion where you want to wow your target market. Whether you are involved in one or loads of festivals taking place this year, outdoor equipment provider or simply looking to promote your event/business why not check out our ideas for summer camping sites!

What do you think about this lunch box? I wish I had had one when I was a kid and enjoyed summer camps. It would have been so much more practical than the plastic bags that my mother gave me. Nothing like this innovative lunch box with its three compartments to keep the cutlery and napkins away from the food!

And of course after having a delicious lunch the children will need to drink something. So to get rid of the thirst, nothing better than this foldable water bottle. Once they empty it, they can fold it and stow it away to save space. Very useful when kids have so much to carry already.

What else will they need? It won’t be all eating, kids also need to play! And speaking of playing, we are all experts.  At ConnectPro we have much fun and interesting items kids can play with such as puzzle games, beach balls and much more.   Fun,   don’t you think?… I feel like leaving the office and start playing in the open air right now… But I guess I will have to wait till the weekend for that.

So I think we have the children almost ready for the camps but we still need one more thing. To carry everything without losing anything, how about these bags? Cool, aren’t they? So many colours… it’s a tough decision to choose among all of them…

Don’t hesitate to contact us to know more about these fantastic products and get some ideas to let the children have a ball at Summer Camps!