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How To Switch To Eco-Friendly Promotional Products With Ease

How To Switch To Eco-Friendly Promotional Products With Ease

If you frequently buy promotional products for your business or to give away at events, you will be aware of the impact that products such as this can have on the environment. But what if you could find sustainable alternatives that don’t scrimp on quality whilst also highlighting your company’s values?

Studies show that environmental awareness is a driving factor in many purchasing decisions today and eco-friendly products can change the way consumers see companies. Industry trends show that 46% of consumers feel more positively about an advertiser if they receive eco-friendly promotional products so you can be sure your clients will appreciate your environmental efforts (link). When you are making choices about promotional marketing, it is vital to consider sustainability and green credentials if you want to make the right impression on your audience. Aligning your brand with environmentally friendly principles is a great move for the world but it will also have a positive impact for your company, showing your customers and staff team your values.

Here at Connect Promotions, we’re leading the way with an exciting range of products that can develop your marketing and spread the word about your company without compromising on the wellbeing of the planet. Whether your priority is to create a product range that is reusable, recyclable or made entirely from sustainable materials, we are here to help. We can help you to choose items that will reflect your ethical values, and you can rest assured that we will take the stress out of sustainability for you.

Here’s how to incorporate eco-friendly promotional products into your gifting strategy with ease:

Eco-Friendly Giveaways at Events.

When attending trade shows, conferences, events or even hosting virtual events, it is crucial to have promotional items or swag bags to give away to potential customers. These promotional products are the way to ensure your company stands out from the crowd and give your audience a positive impression of your brand. There are many options for events and trade show giveaways, and we can help you to find eco friendly promotional items that will be a great fit for your business and your event. Cutting out disposable products and taking steps to reduce waste is easy and will have a positive impact on your attendees, showing you are a forward thinking business that considers climate change when making marketing decisions.

We know bulk buying these types of items can have an effect on your carbon footprint, so we have a great range of eco-friendly alternatives to your promotional giveaways, including renewably sourced pens, tote bags, notebooks, coffee cups, keyrings and lanyards. Many of these products can be made from recycled materials, including notebooks and pens, which make a good addition to any gift bag. Bamboo products are a good choice, with many attractive and practical gifts making the most of this sustainable material, including phone docks, bluetooth speakers and clothing.

Eco-Friendly Onboarding Kits to welcome new hires

An onboarding kit is an innovative way to welcome new employees to your business, giving them an insight into your company culture as they begin to settle into the team. An onboarding kit will usually contain a range of branded products and some essentials, such as snacks and drinks, along with an employee handbook and any essential paperwork. This is particularly helpful for remote workers, who may feel out of touch with their colleagues and their new workplace, and you’ll have a great opportunity to demonstrate your dedication to a more sustainable workplace with an onboarding kit that contains eco-friendly products.

Choose from our range of sustainable promotional products, including tech gifts, reusable tumblers and water bottles, which are very popular items for onboarding kits. Sustainable promotional gifts like this are likely to be much appreciated as they can be used all day in the office and gifting drinkware is especially helpful as it will save waste and the cost of disposable cups, especially since the introduction of the coffee cup levy in Ireland! We have a selection of cups and bottles made from recycled materials and these will look great branded with your logo.

Premium Corporate Gifts with green credentials

Corporate gifting programmes are an ideal place to use eco friendly promotional products, partnering with a high end brand to give your valued clients or team members a special gift. If you focus on sustainable branded merchandise, you’ll show your recipients that you value the environment as well as their contribution to your business, and you’ll generate a more positive relationship with them in the future.

We have an extensive range of premium items that are sustainable and ethically sourced and can be subtly branded to share your company logo or message with your clients. We’ll help you to find products that use more sustainable materials and move your company closer to being carbon neutral. We also recommend these sustainable promotional products for your Employee Reward and Recognition schemes, as this is another great way to ensure your company is becoming more eco-conscious.

Eco-Friendly Office Supplies for your team

Encourage an eco-conscious workplace by gifting your employees a variety of eco-friendly office supplies. It’s a great opportunity to look around your office and switch eco friendly promotional products wherever you can – replacing broken stationery with renewably sourced options, for instance. You can introduce recycled paper as standard and look at uniform options that use environmentally friendly production processes and are produced by manufacturers who take social responsibility for their workers. Switch out office supplies that need replacing for those made from sustainable materials and challenge yourself and your team to keep looking for ways for your company to benefit the environment by reducing your carbon footprint.

Brand Ambassadors love sustainable promotional merchandise

Brand ambassadors are a great way to connect with a wider audience as your biggest fans represent your company at every opportunity. If you value corporate responsibility and sustainability, you’ll want this to shine through in your promotional products and choosing products with a reduced environmental impact is a good place to start. We love promotional clothing as a means of getting your logo in front of new eyes, so our ethically sourced T-shirts, hats and snoods are perfect for your brand champions. Pair these with an eco umbrella, bamboo powerbank, and a recycled ocean plastic water bottle for maximum impact and let your eco credentials speak for themselves.

Talk To Connect Promotions For Eco-Friendly Promotional Products

Here at Connect Promotions, we know that environmentally sound products are the way forward in the promotional merchandise industry. We work closely with our excellent partners across the world to ensure that we bring you the very best of sustainable promotional products, and we can help you to design and deliver a promotional merchandise range that works for your business, your customers and the planet.

We will take the stress out of promotional merchandise for you, ensuring that you make the best decisions for your business every time. Whether you want to create an exciting range of eco friendly branded merchandise or plan your next marketing campaign, we are here to help you throughout the process. We can work with you to conceptualise your promotional campaigns and create your range of products, and we can deliver these to you or your event, anywhere in the world. Call us on 021 4345980 or contact us online to discuss your requirements and meet our friendly team.

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