Most sales people hate the follow up stage of the job, and here at Connect Promotions, it certainly isn’t our favourite thing to do. However, it’s an essential part of making sales, and if you’re afraid of putting yourself out there and being rejected, you may not be making the most of your potential.

Learning how to follow up an expression of interest in your business or products more effectively can help you to increase your rates of sales and secure more new customers. There are many ways to make the process easier, but if you’re prepared to go the extra mile, you’ll find that your customers will really notice the difference.


Here’s How To Make A Successful Follow-Up Call

  • Be clear about your intentions. The first essential factor in your follow up phone call is establishing exactly why you are calling. If someone has expressed an interest in your business but not become a customer yet, you will probably be phoning to find out why. Perhaps your goal is to establish where they are in the decision making process, and how you can help them to make an informed choice.


  • Prepare your patter. Mundane sales pitch is not much fun to listen to, and it certainly doesn’t have a high success rate, so don’t waste your time learning a script. Adopt a flexible approach and be prepared to adapt your conversation in response to the person you are speaking with, but don’t forget that a clear set of notes outlining the main points you wish to get across will be very helpful, especially if there are common questions that are likely to arise. Focus on what you can do to make things better for the person you are calling.


  • Be natural. Authenticity is vital here, so don’t attempt to skip the most important stage of a sales call. Building a rapport with the person you are calling is very important, so don’t lean too heavily on your script. Allow yourself to relax and make connections with your potential customers, expressing a genuine interest in their lives, and you’ll find that the personal touch is a highly valued commodity.


  • Stick to your plan. Don’t think that if you’ve followed up once, you’re done. The statistics show that only 3% of sales are made on the first contact, and 4% on the second, while 80% are made following the fifth to twelfth contact. This raises big questions about the vast numbers of sales people who do not follow up with their potential customers. It’s obviously not a good idea to keep contacting someone who has clearly expressed that they are not interested in your company, but if you are following up in the right way, you need to be persistent for optimum success.


  • Set up another call. As we’ve already seen, most sales are made after several contact opportunities. This means it’s essential to find a reason to make contact again during your follow up call, and you may wish to do this by offering to call again with more information, or with the answers to questions asked. Alternatively, you can arrange to phone back and check in with the person you are talking to again once they have had a chance to consider your conversation.


Let Connect Promotions Share The Load

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