Are you appealing to millennials? For the first time, statistics show that adverts are not working on their target audience: millennials are turning away from traditional advertising, and this could change the face of marketing forever.

Millennials are the future for successful companies, since they are the employees and clients who will move business to the next level. Investing time and energy into marketing strategies that will appeal to them is vital, and the research so far shows that promotional merchandise could lead the way.


Are You Getting It Right For Millennials?

A recent study showed that millennials rank promotional products as the most effective method of advertising, most likely to encourage them to engage or buy. Here’s why:

  • Ad avoidance. Studies show that millennials have truly reached saturation point with advertising, and now actively seek out platforms without adverts. This means that businesses are trying to find new ways to engage this crucial audience, and promotional merchandising is looking likely to fill the void.


  • Effective frequency. Effective frequency refers to the number of exposures that elicits the ideal response from a consumer or client. Of course, a promotional gift that is correctly targeted offers endless exposures to the business information provided, so can be an excellent way to make an impact.


  • Personal engagement. Advertising that works by presenting a message or idea is increasingly irrelevant to millennials. Promotional products, on the other hand, can become a practical and valuable addition to everyday life, creating real potential to grow the brand image and connection.


  • The incredible array of promotional products available for branding means that you can directly match your company ethos and image to the products you use, and create a really positive impression of your brand. Millennials are more likely to use promotional products on a daily basis, so an indispensible item, such as a mobile power bank, or a high end gift from a quality brand name, could have a huge impact on your marketing success.


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