We are surrounded by colour every day of our lives, and it’s no surprise that it has an impact on the way we feel. Marketers know this, and use the power of colour every day to influence our decision making and the connections we make with their brands.

Research shows that colour increases brand recognition by up to 80%, and just taking a look at your favourite brands shows how important the connection between colour and brand image really is. It’s a precise science, but making the most of colour in your marketing strategy can bring a whole new dimension to your advertising.

What do you want to say about your brand?

 We are conditioned to associate certain colours with specific feelings and emotions, and you can use this to your advantage. The colours you associate with your brand and your promotional merchandise will send out messages about your organisation, so it pays to consider your choices carefully. Is your business…

  1.  Sleek and professional? Black is a colour associated with many different industries – although, importantly, not food or health – and we see it as an indication of sophistication, elegance and professionalism. Monochrome logos are often used to portray sleek style, and many designer brands use black to impress, with an air of power and authority in logos such as Hugo Boss and Moet.
  2. Natural? If you’re promoting a product or a brand that is associated with nature, or with being environmentally friendly or outdoorsy, you will probably naturally lean towards colours that are mirrored in the outside world. Green is a very popular choice for health and eco companies, as well as those linked with outdoor pursuits, including the army. This is no coincidence, and studies show that it’s a very effective use of colour since we tend to associate green with freshness, growth and prosperity.
  3. Energetic? In many industries, red is a marketers dream. Research tells us that we associate this bright colour with power, passion and excitement, and that it works very well for high energy brands. It increases pulse rate, so is used effectively by companies who promote sports cars, fast food and lingerie, but it can also inspire anger and aggression, so should be used with care!
  4. Dependable? If you want the world to know that you’re a business it can rely on, you should consider using blue in your marketing. Blue is known as a calming colour, and is associated with trust and wisdom, so is often used when a company wants to project an image of security and dependability. It’s never used to market food, though – there are no blue foods in nature so we simply don’t associate it with this!
  5. Creative? Several colours are associated with creativity in different ways. For example, pink is seen to have passionate and innovative connotations, while purple connects with our spiritual and imaginative side. Both of these colours are often used to portray femininity, although purple has a history of being the colour of royalty, so also carries a prestigious and sophisticated image.

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