There are many factors in a company’s success: the high quality of the product offered or the employee happiness can be examples. But what is really behind everything is always a brand, strong and well established both nationally and maybe internationally.

Here at Connect Promotions we believe that an appropriate promotional item is a powerful tool for brand affirmation. Promoting a brand means being recognized and being remembered on the market, so by using a promotional item you are not simply putting a logo on an economic tribute, as many think, but you are communicating information about your company to the world.

How to choose…

The products you choose are incarnations of your brand and your message, so pay attention to the following elements:

  • The interests of your audience. Take the time necessary to study your audience, their habits and commitments. Try to find the most useful promotional item, the one that will be most appreciated and used in the daily routine without being forgotten inside the closet. Choose an item that the customer frequently uses so you will always be under their eyes. Capture his attention and he will remember you. But this also means that you have to align with the latest promotional trends and don’t aim for the same type of promotional item every time.
  • The design of the article. At this point combine the needs of the customer with your style and your philosophy. The promotional item that you choose should reflect your corporate culture and your identity. For this reason, in the article, and in the collection that you could decide to create, insert similar elements that reconnect to your company and indicate continuity, such as colors or materials. For example, if your organization is innovative, you will be more interested in products that focus on technology, but if you are a supporter of the environment you may prefer eco-friendly promotional products.
  • The image to be printed. Do not exaggerate the images to impress, especially if the print surface is not particularly large. Many times it is better to use only the logo built with good design, simple but appealing characters and nuances, rather than use images and phrases that are too bulky and not very visible. After all, if you are using a promotional item it is because you want to be recognized over time and therefore the best image to print is definitely your logo. This means however that you cannot change your logo too frequently or all your efforts to remember you will have been in vain.
  • The choice of the supplier. When you decide to order promotional products, either as a gift for customers or as a thank-you to employees, you rely on a supplier to receive exactly what you want at a good price. You can decide to turn to large organizations that are more interested in earnings and then evaluate the quantity compared to quality, or to smaller suppliers that on the other hand may have problems in terms of delays.


Find the perfect promotional item with Connect Promotions

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