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Top 10 Gifts For Tech Savvy Employees This Xmas.

Christmas is just around the corner and I bet you are trying your hardest to come up with a unique but practical item to gift your employees. That’s where branded gadgets come in. No matter what their interests are, you can be sure there’s a product that is perfectly tailored to them. We can almost guarantee no one will scoff when gifted a pair of high-quality headphones, a branded smartwatch or new accessories for their smartphone.

At Connect Promotions we don’t just source the finest, most up to date gadgets, we also cater for all businesses and budgets. Whether you want to go big and splurge on a gift for Christmas or have a strict budget to stick to for your employee’s Christmas gifts, we will help you find something perfect from our collection of the latest branded technological products.

Here is our Top 10 Gifts for Tech-Savvy Employees this Xmas.


The most sought after gadget, surprise your team this Christmas with their very own smartwatch. There is a smartwatch to suit everyone’s needs; track your steps, monitor your heart rate, measure your calorie intake and distance, and receive messages and phone calls. Powered with Bluetooth, our smartwatches are compatible with both iOS and Android phones. Plus, they are delivered in a luxury gift box – the perfect Christmas gift.

VR Set

Want to WOW your clients? This is a gadget that will seriously impress. A Virtual Reality HeadSet allows you to experience 360 degree viewing and gaming. Simply download a virtual reality app onto your smartphone, slip the phone into the set and enjoy your virtual reality experience. We even supply sets that are lightweight, foldable and small enough to carry around in your pocket for 3D videos and gaming on the go.


For those on your team who lead a hectic lifestyle, wireless earbuds are a welcome gift. They come in a compact case which also doubles as a powerbank to charge the earbuds. Once removed from the case, the earbuds will automatically turn on and sync via Bluetooth. The ergonomic design also keeps them in place while on the go. Earbuds are a must have gift this Christmas.

4K Camera

Potentially an unusual gift, a 4k camera is definitely a product that makes an impact. 4k is the highest resolution possible for an action camera, and is ideal for capturing all your special moments in life and sport in perfect quality. With a water-resistant case, long-lasting battery and full set of accessories, you will be able to bring it with you everywhere.

Wireless Charger

The most practical gift we have on this list, your staff will praise you for solving their “low battery” woes. A Wireless Charger is an item that everyone needs but not necessarily one people will buy for themselves. Become a lifesaver this December and pop a branded charger under the office Christmas tree.


For those on your team that like their music loud and bass heavy, gifting a pair of headphones will prevent many a headache. With deep bass and high vocal clarity, the music can be really felt through our headphones. Top tip: Elevate your gift by choosing a pair of headphones with LED panels, so your company logo will light up while the headphones are in use.

Bluetooth Speaker

The gift that is perfect for the Office DJ. A Bluetooth speaker is a great asset to your Christmas parties. There are also many eco-friendly options available if you would prefer a more sustainable gift.

Smartphone Camera Lens

Let your team get creative this year with a gift of a smartphone camera lens set, complete with easy to use special effect lenses. Simply clip one of the lens over the smartphone camera to create photos and videos with fisheye, wide-angle and macro effects.

Smartphone Ring Light

This is another promotional item that is incredibly practical and appreciated but not necessarily an item you would buy. If your team are social media experts or interested in creating videos, a smartphone ring light can be easily used by just clipping the light onto the top of your phone. Ideal for taking selfies, the item is lightweight and easy for on the go content creation.

Alarm Clock With Wireless Charging Station

Ok, hear us out. An Alarm Clock may seem like a basic item to be on this list, but this is a very practical 3in1 product. Not only is it an alarm clock, but the top of it is a wireless charger and the screen will also show you the temperature.

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