Connect Pro USB Memory SticksWe can customise your USB memory sticks by either printing or engraving your company’s logo onto one of our many models. We also offer services such as data preloading, autorun programmes and individual naming to add further customisation to your USB memory sticks.

Why Connect Promotions for USB Memory Sticks?

We offer the highest quality at some of the most competitive prices in the market. Our usb memory sticks and designs are endless.

Our company always gets your order delivered to you on time in order to meet your deadlines. There’s no reason to go anywhere else! Connect Promotions serves a wide customer base in Dublin, Cork and throughout Ireland.

Not sure what usb memory sticks to choose from? Talk to our friendly customer service representatives who will be only too glad to hear your creative vision and offer the perfect solution! Give us a call us today on 021 434 5980 or click here to get a quote.