Do you miss your cup of tea on holidays? Your customers do too.

Take some more tea,” the March Hare said to Alice, very earnestly.

“I’ve had nothing yet,” Alice replied in an offended tone, “so I can’t take more.”
“You mean you can’t take
less more than nothing.”

Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland


As for Alice it’s always tea time for us, so let’s make some more tea.

Do you miss your cup of tea when you are enjoying your holidays abroad? Of course………we always do. Are you sending Irish tea to your friends and family abroad? Why not include a branded mug for an extra special cup of tea from home to all your customers?

At Connect Promotion we have thousands of different mugs to enjoy at tea time to make your customers feel right at home and of course to expose your brand.

What mug would your customer prefer? What mug would you prefer with your logo on it? A mug with large diameter and wide base….a corporate mug with angular lines like the Sparta mug handle…..a ceramic shape with glaze colours…..a mug with a modern and chunky design made using food safe plastics……..a mug of 300ml capacity…..a mug with spoon……..a porcelain mug………a mug with colourful photographic designs with vivid colours….or something more special?

Maybe your customer would prefer a mini takeaway coffee mug with a silicon lid and your logo on it, or a modern travel mug to keep the tea hot wherever you go. And what colour would you prefer? Black? Orange? Green? White? Pink? … We have all of them and many more. Not sure what mug would be better for your logo…..Don’t worry just contact us now and we will be very happy to assist you. We have lots of options and ideas for your mug.

So you have chosen your favourite mug with your logo to have your Irish tea… However, how sad would your customers feel having just tea without something to eat… No Panic! Let’s add to their delicious cup of tea some of the following delicious products, branded also!!!!

What do you think of having a mini bucket of biscuits, with your logo?  Full colour label on top gives a large and attractive branding area.

Maybe you prefer something more conventional such as a ginger finger biscuit? Packaged with a choice of wrap colours.

Are you against conventional things… no worries, we have a luxurious option just for you. What about these high-quality macaroons branded to the top surface? We have different colours and flavours: Brown: dark chocolate with Turkish coffee & cardamom; Purple: Fig & Anistar (honey spice); Yellow: Mango & Kewra (floral spice); Beige: White Chocolate & Cinnamon; Red: Strawberry & Geranium or Pink: Pistachio & Rose.

And of course if you are more gourmand you can always choose a Neapolitan Chocolate, personalised with your logo or message.

Don’t waste time! Your customers are waiting for their tea and…