Shorter days, cooler temperatures and lashings of rain. Yep, winter is certainly en route. However, you don’t need to feel the brunt of the weather with our exceptional collection of winter clothing.

From Berghaus to The North Face, Elevate to Helly Hanson; we’ll have you wrapped up in the finest quality outerwear brands faster than you can say ‘Winter is coming’.

Back to base-ics

A cosy base layer should be a basic item in everyone’s wardrobe.hhstripecrew_1985_general
Perfect to keep your core toasty and uber perfect for winter sports and trips to colder climates like Norway, Sweden, Canada and all the ski resorts. The Helly Hanson Dry Stripe Crew long-sleeved is a particular favourite of ours as it looks good under a fleece or jumper. For the ladies, the Tech Tee Short V Neck by Berhaus fits snugly with a flattering v neck.

Goosey Goosey

In keeping with the ‘core’ rabvest_105_detailrabladiesvest_110_detailtheme, this Microlight vest filled with goose down and wrapped in a Pertex Microlight Shell will ensure ultimate comfort and warmth with the added benefit of being lightweight. The vest is ideal for hill walking and climbing, as your arms are free kept free.


Casual Comfort


The wonderful thing about fleeces is that they go with anything – jeans, trousers, jogging bottoms and leggings. Casual style, long sleeves and – more often that not – high collars. This beautifully soft Gecko Micro Fleece by Jack Wolfskin traps air to ensure insulation. Clever!

Bottoms Up

wecocargopant_1121_detailAnd now for the bottom half. Classic fitting cargo trousers are durable, breathable and flexible. These environmentally-friendly Eco Cargo Pants by Berghaus are equipped with six pockets for all your gadgets and accessories.

Nippy Fingersgloves

There is nothing worse than freezing cold fingers. Even deep pockets are not sufficient to keep out the biting chill. Introducing the Etip Gloves by The North Face, featuring touchscreen connectivity, a four-way stretch fit and a silicon palm grip. What a hand-y all-rounder.

Hot Head

winter hats skitukev_1233_detailDid you know that you lose 7-10% of your body heat through your head? A woolly hat not only limits this heat loss, it also keeps your ears warm and gives you protection from the wind. We love the multi-coloured Ski Tuke V by the North Face and the soft Polartec Power Stretch Fanatic Print Cap by Haglofs with thermal properties (€13.76).

If you would like to discuss our outerwear clothing, we would love to hear from you on 021 434 5980.