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World earth day – Why you should be using eco-friendly branded products

With World Earth Day taking place today April 22, we felt it was a key opportunity to highlight the increasing importance of companies and businesses playing their part to protect the health of our planet and help combat climate change. This issue is at the forefront of discussion for so many key decision-makers and with most companies already using branded eco-friendly merchandise to enhance their marketing strategies our team here at Connect Promotions wanted to give you some key reasons why you should be using eco-friendly products and promote the importance of sustainability.

Shows good company values

Providing your employees and clients with eco-friendly merchandise not only shows that you care for the planet but shows you hold great company values. Offering products that promote sustainability in the workplace allows your team to work towards combating climate change and reduces their carbon footprint, something they will be 100% on board with. Choosing eco-friendly products will not only show that you are forward-thinking, but it will also provide your company with a positive competitive advantage by doing something great to help the planet. 

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Generates a buzz among employees

Most companies provide promotional merchandise to generate engagement and to show their employees gratitude

, eco-friendly merchandise is no exception to this. When you invest in promotional products you want your team and potential new customers to enjoy using the products you provide them for all the right reasons. Sustainable products are here to stay and showing you are prepared to get on board and help protect the planet will be sure to generate some interesting talking points among your colleagues. bamboo_reusable mugs

Stand out from the rest

Whether you are a big corporation or small business, standing out from the competition will always be important and like so many companies right now using promotional merchandise or ‘Swag’ as it is so often called now is the key to doing just that. Offer employees products that will help reduce waste and make a big impact. Choose alternatives to products they use each day like reusable non-plastic water bottles, bamboo coffee cups or even eco-friendly stationery. This will help you stand out from the crowd and it will be sure to have a positive impact on your company sales and employee appreciation. 

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Being part of a company means that you have a responsibility to give back to society and the world around you. Buying sustainable, eco-friendly promotional merchandise as part of your CSR is the perfect way to play your part and show the world how your company is taking action against climate change and it will also show just how serious you are. 


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