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8 Unusual Promotional Products To Make Your Customers Smile

The joy of working in the promotional merchandise industry is that we see some very unusual promotional products over the years. As marketing styles innovate and evolve, items that were previously considered too ‘out there’ to be taken seriously are now regular players in our product collections.

An unusual promotional product is a great way to make your mark. Memorable, witty, and speaking to your unique brand identity, this kind of item wins over your audience and ensures they know exactly what you’re all about.

If you’re looking for a way to stand out from your competitors, look no further! We have wacky promotional products to add to your next marketing campaign that are sure to put a smile on your customer’s face. From fully bespoke stress characters to fun Rubik’s cubes and novelty socks, there are a huge number of unique promotional products to choose from.


When should I use unusual promotional products?

We admit fun, quirky promotional merchandise is not suitable for every situation. For example, you’re not going to award an employee who has achieved a great milestone, a rubber duck.

But there are definitely times when unusual promotional products can turn heads. They are a great way to:

  • Grab attention at an event/tradeshow.
  • Make an impact when launching a new product/service.
  • Mark a special occasion for the company.
  • Create a fun thank you gift for loyal clients.
  • Insert a fun product in an onboarding kit to show your company’s sense of humour.


I have an idea for a fun product, can I get this?

Sure. We are often asked for bespoke promotional gifts, and we see it as an exciting challenge to source your unusual and quirky idea. We have access to award-winning suppliers all over the world and will help you throughout the design and delivery process.

But if you need some inspiration, here are our top 8 unusual Promotional Products;


Bespoke Shape Stress Balls

Stress Relievers are possibly the most versatile promotional product as they can be customised into any shape you can think of. They are also a great way to get a brand message across. For example, if you were promoting your engineering company, you might get a hard hat stress reliever. Or if you wanted to advertise your new delivery service, you could send your customers a delivery van stress reliever.

There are so many options with this product, from animals to characters to everyday items. No idea is too silly for a bespoke stress reliever.


Delta Kite

This is a favourite in the Connect Promotions office. Fly the flag for your business whilst creating an eye-catching aerial display with a bespoke branded delta kite.

Giving gifts of branded outdoor games is a great way to spread your message far and wide. By making a product that is fun to use and that encourages people to get outside, you’re defining your business as one with a sporty edge which appeals to a wide demographic. Perhaps you want to be seen as a champion of healthy initiatives, or simply as great fun – a delta kite sends this message loud and clear whilst looking fantastic.

Mixing a sense of playfulness with the on-point trend for high-end outdoor brands, a delta kite is a classy corporate offering – perfect for attracting the hipster crowd.

Luxury Wooden Chess Set

An age-old game with an incredible cultural heritage, a chess set is an unexpected promotional product, but a truly welcome one.

If you’re looking for a giveaway that sets you far apart from the standard plastic junk, look no further. This authentic wooden chess set speaks of high-class luxury, reflecting the same back on your brand. It’s a beautiful gift that will make clients feel appreciated for their intelligence, and keen to engage with your company.

As this is an artisanal item crafted to last, you can expect it to keep spreading your brand message far into the future. A perfect luxury corporate gift for clients you need to impress.

Bamboo Tablet and Phone Holder

If you’re searching for affordable promotional products that nonetheless avoid appearing to be cheap, the bamboo tablet and phone holder can be a great choice. Made entirely of natural bamboo, this is an eco-friendly option that is also highly practical – and so neatly skips the usual traps of giveaways that become throwaway items and don’t add any value to your brand.

Not only will the bamboo tablet and phone holder get your brand noticed for its eco-credentials, but it is such a useful piece of kit, your giftees are likely to find themselves using it every day – keeping your company front and foremost in their thoughts too.

4 in 1 Pen

The pen is a much more common promotional product – but for a reason. As a highly useful item, give away pens and you can be sure people will use them, getting your brand out there.

However, if you’re looking for a more intriguing twist on the classic pen giveaway, try the Connect Promotions 4 in 1 pen. Featuring a traditional brass pen, this modern classic also has a stylus function, a laser pointer, and a torch. Designed to make presenting easy, and ideal for corporate clients, let’s not forget that a special pen like this has us all feeling a bit James Bond too.

The Solar Sunflower

Promotional giveaways that bring a smile are always great favourites, and the solar sunflower is the kind of gift that makes everyone light up. Bringing together playful ingenuity with genuine practicality, this is a fantastic way to advertise your eco-credentials and create a talking point sure to spread your company name.

The solar sunflower brings the power of solar energy straight to your desk. Featuring a rechargeable lithium battery, this little solar panel playfully housed inside a plant-shaped casing is powerful enough to charge your phone or other small device. It offers a USB output and a mini-USB input, and comes complete with a mini-USB cable, so those receiving your gift can start using it straight away.

As unusual promotional products go, the solar sunflower has to be one of our favourites – let it light up your marketing campaign today!

Bamboo Powerbank

Perhaps the solar sunflower is a step too quirky for your current campaign. However, a more straightforward powerbank can make a fantastic promotional gift. The Connect Promotions bamboo powerbank ticks all the boxes – highly practical and good-looking, it’ll become a must-have accessory for your clients and customers – keeping your brand at their side.

The bamboo powerbank comes with a casing made from 100% FSC certified bamboo. Steering clear of plastics not only boosts your eco-credentials; it gives the message that you are a socially responsible brand producing high-quality items – and not associated with throwaway low quality products.

In practical terms, this 8.000 mAh 5w wireless powerbank is so useful, it will keep your company firmly at your client’s side. Offering cable charging as well as wireless functionality, and with power indicators that let you know the remaining energy level, this handy bit of kit will soon become a staple in every handbag, briefcase and suitcase you are trying to reach.

4K Action Camera

Phones and tablets are omnipresent, so promotional products that tie in with their use are more likely to get your client’s attention. This 4k action camera is a luxury gift that will appeal to anyone with a sense of adventure.

Perfect for the company who want to show that they are serious about having fun, this state of the art HD sport camera features 4k interpolated resolution and a 1.5 inch LCD screen, to view your movies instantly in high quality. Memory can be expanded by adding a micro SD card to the set-up, and while the SD card isn’t included, the set comes with an existing recording time of 70 minutes. With a waterproof casing, helmet mount, bicycle mount, clip, connector, and a micro USB charging cable, this is a high-end gift that is bound to make a high-octane impression.

Perhaps you want to impress at an adventure sports away-day. Or your brand features outdoor clothing, sports vehicles, or you want to advertise a resort centring around adventure sports. Perhaps you simply want to encourage the spirit of adventure! The 4k action camera makes an unusual promotional product that your clients and customers will take with them while making their best memories – the perfect positioning for your brand.

Are you looking for promotional products in Cork, Dublin or around Ireland?

Whether you want products specifically for a certain marketing campaign, or you want to produce items that can always be on hand to give out, at Connect Promotions we can help. From helping you generate those initial ideas, to discussing the merits of each promo item, sourcing your products, and presenting you with the final finished pieces, get Connect Promotions on board for your full marketing journey. Make your brand stick in client’s memories, get great word-of-mouth, and ensure your name and logo are out there for the world to discover.

When you’re in need of eye-catching merchandise or top quality promotional products in Ireland, look to Connect Promotions. Our innovative range will win over potential customers and help you expand your brand. Whether you want quirky giveaways, customised client packages, or luxury corporate gifts, Connect Promotions can make your ideas come to life.

Talk to one of our experts today about what unusual promotional products would fit your next marketing campaign!

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