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8 Unusual Promotional Products To Make Your Customers Smile

The joy of working in the promotional merchandise industry is that we have seen some very unusual promotional products over the years. That being said some items that were always considered too out there to be taken seriously are now regular players in our product collections.

If you’re looking for a way to stand out from your competitors, look no further! We have wacky promotional products to add to your next marketing campaign that is sure to put a smile on your customer’s face. From fully bespoke stress characters to fun Rubik’s cubes and novelty socks, there is a huge range of unique promotional products to choose from.


When should I use them?

We admit fun, quirky promotional merchandise is not suitable for every situation. For example, you’re not going to award an employee who has achieved a great milestone, a rubber duck. But, there are definitely times when unusual promotional products can turn heads.

  • Grab attention at an event/tradeshow.
  • Make an impact when launching a new product/service.
  • Mark a special occasion for the company.
  • Create a fun thank you gift for loyal clients.
  • Insert a fun product in an onboarding kit to show your company’s sense of humour.


I have an idea for a fun product, can I get this?

Sure. We are often asked for bespoke promotional gifts, and we see it as an exciting challenge to source your unusual and quirky idea. We have access to award-winning suppliers all over the world and will help you throughout the design and delivery process.

But if you need some inspiration, here are our top 8 unusual Promotional Products;

Bespoke Shape Stress Balls

Stress Relievers are possibly the most versatile promotional product as they can be customised into any shape you can think of. They are also good to get a brand message across. For example, if you were promoting your engineering company, you might get a hard hat stress reliever. Or if you wanted to advertise your new delivery service, you could send your customers a delivery van stress reliever. There are so many options with this product, from animals to characters to everyday items. No idea is too silly for a bespoke stress reliever.


Rubiks Cube

This is a favourite in the Connect Promotions office. Create some nostalgia in your customers with a branded Rubiks Cube. This iconic promotional gift can be branded on 6 sides for maximum effect. It is also quite a multifaceted product as you can also order a Rubiks Cube keyring, a Rubik’s LED Flashlight and even a Rubik’s Highlighter. Let this iconic brand advertise your message in style.

Novelty Socks

Speaking of style… There is no other promotional product as fashionable and vibrant than the full colour novelty sock. Choose from just adorning the sock with your logo for a swanky finish, or go all out with a personalised digital print for the ultimate fun promotional gift. We find these novelty socks are especially perfect for Christmas swag.



Rubber Duck

A branded Rubber Duck can be a quirky promotional item to send to your customers to get a specific message across or just to show off your company’s sense of humour. And these guys are not just for display purposes, they actually float too.

Fidget Spinner

Have you ever been stuck at your desk clicking pens and taking the caps on and off your highlighter just for something to fidget with? A few years ago, the number 1 desired promotional item in the world were these – fidget spinners. An item that you may not purchase yourself in the shop, but are glad to receive. Most people keep these on their desk for when that fidgeting hour comes upon them, ensuring that your brand is front and centre everyday.


*Immediately Signing Petition To Get One Of These For The Office!*

Our new favourite product is The Logo Toaster – how quirky and fun is this for the office? This impressive appliance burns your logo or company message onto toast. Now how’s that for Brand Awareness!? The Logo Toaster can also be individually designed to your brand colours. Is there a client you always meet for breakfast? Make their day by gifting them their own personalised toaster!


Maybe you’re trying to think of a fun, quirky promotional gift to send to your clients for the holiday season. People of all ages will get a kick out of receiving a branded version of Jenga. Who doesn’t love to play this game? It comes in a cotton pouch which can be printed with your logo.

Body Paint

This product goes hand in hand with a celebration or employee party. We can supply you with face/body paint in a range of colours to accompany any theme. For example; gift a rainbow fanbrush to your team to celebrate Pride, or have a host of flag colours when the World Cup is on. This is a great promotional marketing product; one that is easily branded, fun, re-usable and cost effective. Perfect for both virtual and in-person events, this fun product will ensure your team looks the part.

Talk to one of our experts today about what unusual promotional products would fit your next marketing campaign.

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