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5 Best Promotional Product Trends For 2020 In Ireland

It’s time to plan your marketing strategy for the year ahead, and if you want to be ahead of the competition, you’ll be thinking about the promotional product trends that will be hot in 2020. Here’s our rundown on the must-have promotional products that will help you to stand out from the crowd, so that you can be a brand leader this year. Practical products and those with eco credentials are topping the list this year, and premium brand promotional products are more popular than ever. You won’t see a branded pen on this list, [...]

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The Right Promotional Product???

There are many factors in a company’s success: the high quality of the product offered or the employee happiness can be examples. But what is really behind everything is always a brand, strong and well established both nationally and maybe internationally. Here at Connect Promotions we believe that an appropriate promotional item is a powerful tool for brand affirmation. Promoting a brand means being recognized and being remembered on the market, so by using a promotional item you are not simply putting a logo on an economic tribute, as many think, but you are communicating [...]

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Moleskine: The Legendary Notebook

Aligning your business with a brand that offers quality and class is a great way to set yourself ahead of your competitors, and our partnership with Moleskine allows you to do just that. Moleskine offers the type of integrity and professionalism that only elite brands can evoke, and you can identify yourself with the best when you connect your business with these exclusive products. Moleskine objects include notebooks, diaries, journals, bags, writing instruments and reading accessories, all of which are integral to our mobile identity. These nomadic objects travel with us everywhere we go, and [...]

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Promotional Products to Improve the Reach of Your Online Marketing

Marketing decisions are often taken with specific aims in mind, and if your goal is to improve the reach of your online marketing, stepping up your use of promotional products is a particularly good strategy. Online marketing is the main focus for most businesses today, and working with a company who really understands this is invaluable. Here at Connect Promotions, our expertise can make it easy for you to maximise the impact of your promotional merchandise and improve the online reach of your brand. Use Promotional Products to Transform Your Online Reach Building the perfect [...]

How Content Is Evolving

A corporate marketing strategy should be diverse in its approach, and it is important to understand and keep up with the trends that are working well for the market leaders in your industry. Content marketing is changing at a fast rate, and our guide to the latest trends may be helpful to you as you consider your future plans. Promotional merchandise is also a very useful tool in your marketing strategy, and here at Connect Promotions, we know that we can make the most of the opportunities for you. Contact us to discuss working in [...]

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Promotional Products In Your Marketing Strategy

Promotional products have a key place in a modern marketing strategy but many companies are still not making the most of them as a tool to grow their business. Working with Connect Promotions can enable you to embrace this marketing opportunity and take advantage of all of the benefits of a well planned promotional marketing strategy. Making your promotional merchandise work for you is all about maximising every opportunity to raise the profile of your brand, and adopting a varied and far-reaching approach is the most effective way to do this. The following tips demonstrate [...]

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5 Ways To Generate Leads With Promotional Products

Generating leads is a high priority for all businesses, and when you’re using promotional products in the right way, this can become an easier process. If you’re not getting the precise and effective results you want from your promotional marketing, there is certainly room for improvement in your strategy and use of promotional products. Here at Connect Promotions, we can help you to plan and execute campaigns and to generate leads using promotional products. Our targeted approach is popular with our partners because it helps to reduce their workload, make leads more relevant and streamline [...]

Common Mistakes With Promotional Merchandise

Promotional products are a key marketing tool that can be used in many ways throughout your organisation, but getting it right can be challenging. Here at Connect Promotions, we know the promotional merchandise industry inside out, and we can pass on our expertise to stop you from making common errors.

2018 Promotional Merchandise Trends

Promotional merchandise is an exciting industry to work within at the moment, since the emerging trends are so diverse and inspiring. Far from the generic and limited options in previous years, clients can now choose from a huge range of products and designs for their promotional merchandise, and can personalise products to reinforce brand identity and demonstrate high quality.

Why Companies Are Boosting Employee Perks

Companies across every industry are investing in offering perks and benefits to their employees as a means of retaining and attracting key staff, and a central focus within this is the reward and recognition programmes that we see making such a difference for the businesses we work with.