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How Focusing On Workplace Wellbeing Keeps Your Employees Motivated


Do you want to form a team with a healthy and harmonious environment to be more efficient?

A motivated workforce is the most effective way of achieving your business goals. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that employees of an organization are in the best condition, physically, mentally and emotionally. And just like any other resource available must be cared for and well maintained for a good performance. This concept is known as workplace wellbeing.

Employee wellbeing in an organization can be improved either through a programme or plan. With the aim of reaffirming the company’s commitment to the quality of life of its workers. In other words, it offers employees a positive work environment that allows them to work happily and be motivated. These benefits include personal and professional development.


What should the programme or plan have?

The programme should have 4 steps. A timetable for action, a series of activities to do, reviews and evaluations, and the implementation of regular improvements. 


So, what are the benefits for your company?

Some of the benefits for companies adopting a social welfare culture are: 

  • Improves communication. 80% of problems and errors that arise at work are due to a lack of communication. Open up, and see a decrease in errors within your team.
  • Greater motivation equals greater productivity.
  • Committed employees. Increases employee loyalty and commitment to the company. 
  • There is less absenteeism and staff turnover
  • It improves customer service.

It could be said that employee wellbeing is essential for a cooperative team since greater wellbeing predisposes the employee to fulfill tasks. There is a direct relationship between work wellbeing and work performance.

This also affects an employee’s personal life. Someone who feels at ease in his work environment is exposed to a lower incidence of diseases and disorders, such as depression. Therefore, people’s overall happiness can also improve from a positive work environment.

Now that we know the benefits, how can we promote wellbeing in our work?

  • Improve the work climate with extra-labor activities that allow workers to get to know each other better, interact and build trust among them. Promote recreational and sports activities, the development of artistic skills and cultural training, recreational spaces, and the promotion of creativity. For example, active breaks, events & get-togethers, and teamwork. In Connect Promotions we make it easy, with our different ranges of products from sportswear to office equipment.


  • Care for the working environment. The employees will always value effective maintenance of the company facilities and investment in modern amenities. Indoor plants, for example, release oxygen into the air and absorb carbon dioxide. Taking care of the spaces where we work and where we spend many hours during the day is a good investment to feel better and more organized.


  • Commemoration and recognition events. Everyone loves a party, and what better way to improve workplace wellbeing than celebrating employee anniversaries or recognizing hard work. So also organizing company events, and trying to get all the members who work in it to participate, in order to integrate their own culture and make it known to everyone in a dynamic and beautiful way (storytelling).


With Connect Promotions you will have nothing to worry about, we can help you every step of the way.

  1. Contact our team by phone or email, and immediately we get up to date with the activity you want and we will help you with all the details of the process.
  2. Everything will be personalized, and we will take into account your ideas in design and presentation that adapts to your brand and your needs.
  3. Once we have discussed it and taken into account your budget, we will start with the management of delivery times and delivery cycles.
  4. The good thing about personalized work is that we will always be in contact until we make sure that everything is delivered.

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How can we help?

Onboarding kits. There is no better way to welcome new employees than to welcome them with a special pack containing essential office supplies personalized with the company’s logo.


Rewards and Recognition programme.

Giving recognition to your employees is an action that has several advantages. Adopting a recognition programme is very effective in maintaining staff and improving your team’s motivation.

There are several ways to give recognition to your employees, among them the most adapted in companies is: for their birthday, to celebrate work anniversaries, to encourage professional development, promote them as company ambassadors, etc. 

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If you want your team members to care about your business, you have to care about them. Fortunately, creating a workplace wellbeing programme at your own organization doesn’t have to be complicated.

Now that you know a bit more about the importance of workplace wellbeing for a more motivated team, why not reach out to our promotional merchandise experts today. We can help you on your reward and recognition journey with the most premium and innovative gifts, from initial design to delivery.


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