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Eco Friendly Promotional Products

Make The Switch To Eco-Friendly Promotional Products!

Step Into Sustainability!​

Here at Connect Promotions, we specialise in environmentally friendly promotional items, helping you to find the perfect combination of eco-friendly corporate gifts and merchandise to enhance your brand. Our eco-friendly promotional product range includes recycled promotional items, biodegradable promotional merchandise, environmentally friendly corporate gifts, and ethically sourced promotional gifts, so you can select the eco solution that suits you and your business. Whether you have your eye on drinkware, clothing, notebooks, giveaways, or office supplies, we can source an eco-friendly alternative for you from our many suppliers worldwide. We are delighted to work with companies who are actively recycling plastic and preventing said plastic from being dumped into the ocean. This process results in our Prevented Ocean Plastic Bottles.

Do Your Promotional Products Reflect The Ethos Of Your Brand?

Your promotional products speak volumes about your business and the contribution you make to the world. Making choices that are sustainable shows that you are investing in the future of our planet, and this will help to set you apart as a caring and conscious company.

Committing to source sustainable promotional gifts that do not harm the environment will encourage your audience to connect with you as a brand and to see you as a reliable and trustworthy partner for the future.

There is nothing more important to consumers across the planet right now than making sustainable, environmentally friendly choices. Getting your promotional marketing right means listening to your customers and colleagues and incorporating their values into your marketing decisions. Therefore engaging with your audience while spreading the mission and ethos behind your brand.

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Why Invest in Sustainable Promotional Products?

Eco friendly promotional products are an essential for any contemporary marketing campaign.

Creating cheap, plastic, throwaway promo items will only make your company appear to be out of touch and uncaring about modern concerns.

When planning your promotional campaigns, you should always keep in mind the wants and needs of your audience. Regardless of whether you are targeting new customers, charming clients, or gifting to staff, it’s key to be aware that eco credentials are now a vital consideration for most people.

Climate change affects us all, and it’s important that your company is seen to be doing its bit to have a positive impact.

What Kinds of Eco Friendly Promotional Products do Connect Promotions Provide?

Our range of specifically eco products covers all bases.

While no-one wants yet more junk plastic in their lives, there is nonetheless a real need for certain types of traditionally plastic products – everyday items such as pens, water bottles, and toothbrushes.

By sourcing innovative eco solutions, Connect Promotions is proud to provide alternative choices to our daily plastics problem. From drinkware, household items, and stationery, to clothing and technology, you’ll be astonished by the range of eco friendly promotional products available.

Our global sourcing team work hard to find eco friendly solutions at approachable prices.

What’s more, the unexpected nature of a sustainable promotional product such as a bamboo toothbrush will help your marketing campaign become a word-of-mouth sensation!

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Positive impact promotional products

What is the Positive Impact of Eco Friendly Promotional Products?

Eco friendly promotional products aren’t just good for the environment. They will also have an immediate positive effect on your company reputation! Whether you are hoping to impress new clients, extend your customer base, or encourage staff, all will approve of thoughtful promotional products that have sustainable values at their core.

Branded merchandise that truly reflects a sustainable company ethos will help a business build a long term respect with staff, customers and clients alike.

What Eco Friendly Products Could you Include in your Next Marketing Campaign?

Just because you are focusing on sustainable products for your branded merchandise, doesn’t mean your choices are limited. At Connect Promotions, our range of sustainable promotional products is extensive.

Beginning in traditional promotional product territory, we can provide a wide variety of branded merchandise, from pens and notebooks to lanyards and keyrings. These all feature more sustainable materials such as bamboo rather than plastic, or come from sources with a focus on recycling or becoming carbon neutral.

Branching out into more innovative merchandising, Connect Promotions supplies everything from eco homewares, drinkware, and clothing, to technology such as speakers and powerbanks. Minimizing the use of plastic is always a priority, with many of our products featuring the use of bamboo.

Bamboo is a more sustainable choice, because it helps absorb CO2 from the atmosphere, grows quicker and produces more oxygen than trees.

Eco Friendly Marketing Campaign
eco friendly desktop ideas

Eco Friendly Desktop Ideas

Start by introducing a little eco friendliness to your everyday life, with sustainable promotional products ideal for the desktop.

Bamboo pens look great as a branded giveaway item, while notebooks are an office essential that help company logos shine.

Smart speakers and powerbanks can also be made from bamboo, a really sustainable option for its CO2 absorbing qualities.

Or perhaps you’d like to encourage a little self care at the office, with wellbeing products such as bamboo hairbrushes proving popular.

Eco Friendly Onboarding Packs

With the advent of hybrid working, and a recruitment crisis facing many companies, it’s never been more important to make new staff feel welcome.

Onboarding packs engage new colleagues, encouraging them to feel part of the team and helping productivity soar.

But it’s important to create an onboarding pack that sends the right message about the caring credentials of your business – not just about how it treats colleagues, but also how it treats the wider world. This is where eco friendly promotional products come in.

Respect your new colleague’s hybrid working arrangements by creating bespoke comfortable clothing to wear when working at home. Just select from the Connect Promotions eco friendly clothing range to maximize your positive impact range.

Homewares such as bamboo cutting boards or salad servers can provide a quirky welcome gift that also demonstrates your respect for home working.

Eco friendly bags, jackets and hats provide the ideal gift for commuters, while innovative presents such as blankets look great with the addition of a company logo, and are perfect for making new recruits feel cosy.

Our Eco Friendly Products Range

Eco friendly promotional products for your business

Whether you are hoping to impress new clients, find new customers, or retain new staff, sourcing eco friendly promotional products just makes sense for your business.

From branded notebooks to pens, homewares to clothing, custom merchandise plays a key role in any marketing campaign. Making sure it’s eco friendly guarantees marketing success.

Are you looking for eco friendly branded merchandise in Ireland?

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Choose the perfect Eco-Friendly Products for Your Brands

Here are some of our favourite eco-friendly alternatives to some of our most popular promotional items including drinkware, clothing, bags, notebooks, pens, and giveaway items.

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