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Why Invest in Branded Event Merchandise?

If you are promoting your business in the context of a crowded and hectic event, you need to maximise every opportunity in order to attract attention and make your mark.

Branded event merchandise can really help you leave a lasting impression. Rather than be lost amongst the competition, products that carry your logo and reflect your brand values will remind conference attendees how much they liked your product or services, and help you achieve the profile you want from the event.

However, it’s important to get branded merchandise and event giveaways right, which is where Connect Promotions comes in.

How can Connect Promotions Help with Branded Event Merchandise?

Our approach is personal. The innovative ideas and support we provide will enable you to make the most of your conference, event or trade show. So whether you are doing this for the first time or as an event professional, we will support you through the entire process.

We will manage lead times and delivery cycles, arrange artwork and proofing and work with you to control costs, and we can help you to select or design the right products for you and your brand. From branded clothing to diaries and conference planners, we can create a range of items to suit your needs and brand requirements. Our products are versatile, and we can work with you to add colours and logos to create the perfect promotional opportunities for your customers or staff team.

One of our favourite projects to work on are Event Goodie Bags.

Everybody loves to receive them, from kids at a cinema event to corporate clients on an away day!

We find companies often miss the mark with a selection of dull or pointless products that are easily discarded. Putting high quality goodie bags together for an event can be time consuming, but here at Connect Promotions, we can do it for you.

We’ll consult with you to understand your business ethos and the tone you want to portray, and we’ll collate products, assemble bags and deliver them to your event within Ireland or worldwide.

We love being the goodie bag professionals!

Our Eco Conference and Events Merchandise Range

Event Merchandise Ideas

There are as many different approaches to branded merchandise as there are companies. Which is why, at Connect Promotions we prefer to work with each individual client to create the perfect products to reflect their brand and company values.

However, here are some event merchandise ideas to get inspiration flowing…

1. Unique conference swag

Conference swag is ever popular. Conference attendees will love to make the most of any freebies you are offering – so make sure they have the right impact. Promo items might include smaller branded gifts such as pens and notebooks, or more serious luxury items such as clothing and bags. A great way to bring several promotional merchandise ideas together is to create event specific promotional bags, stuffed full of goodies – which will delight your audience as well as promote your business.

2. Event giveaways

Smaller giveaways are an ever popular way to spread your message around large events. Swag items could include pens, notebooks and keyrings, although creative ideas make a great impression. We’ve seen packets of seeds to promote wellness go down a storm in recent times, while logo printed sweet treats never miss the mark!

3. Trade shows

Trade shows are the perfect opportunity to showcase your products. But you can make the most of product launches by augmenting your offering with related branded merchandise. Whether this means an elastic pen loop to display credentials on, or t shirts featuring your logo, attract customers to your stand by producing a range of gifts and swag items.

4. Luxury items

Luxury means different things to different people, but with branded merchandise it’s all about quality. This can mean a small yet thoughtful product such as face masks, giving your clients the feel of a luxury spa while they are at the work conference. Or it can mean expensive conference gifts that really make an impression, with tech items such as wireless headphones proving popular.

5. Conference gifts

Conference attendees will be presented with a world of businesses competing for their attention, so make sure your organisation stands out by producing promotional items of the highest quality.

Express gratitude to potential clients and customers with thoughtful gifts that show an awareness of their wants and needs. Popular swag items at conferences include water bottles, face masks, or a swag box bringing together several promotional products. Just ensure that each item is beautifully branded to make the maximum impression on the conference attendees.

6 Virtual events merchandise ideas

Although in recent years many events have transferred online, there’s no reason to assume this means no merchandise! In fact, you’ll make more of an impression if you can mail your merchandise to conference attendees in advance of the online sessions. Think creatively and this could prove to be your best event merchandising opportunity.

While conference attendees will be missing the buzz of in-person networking, you can really improve their experience by posting them the perfect gift. Make a special feature of the fact that everyone is still at home, by producing promotional items that would be out of place at in person conferences – such as branded blankets, homewares, and items to make domestic life that much more luxurious.

7. Promotional products for corporate events

In the competitive corporate world, you want to ensure you provide the best conference swag. Send event attendees away impressed by your attention to detail, your bespoke products that speak to the values and ethos of the conference and your company. Great corporate gifts help you stand out from the crowd, ensuring attendees remember your brand long after the event is over.


Everyone loves free stuff!

So use this knowledge to your advantage. Create attractive giveaways that feature your company logo, spreading brand awareness as you distribute your gifts.

Think fun ideas that make your gifts memorable and your branding stand out. Something unexpected that will help your company stick in the mind of attendees.

If you’re feeling stuck for inspiration, get in touch with Connect Promotions. Our years of expertise creating top quality branded event merchandise give us the edge when it comes to producing the best conference swag ideas!


Create a lasting impression with branded event merchandise

Think branded event merchandise that attendees will take away and reuse. Not only is this great for your eco credentials, but if your branded products have a longer lifetime, they will spread your company message and brand awareness that much further.

Reusable water bottles are a great place to start – showing your corporate sustainability values in practice, and providing a useful practical function that gets your logo in front of the maximum number of people.

Or perhaps gift items that will be used in everyday life even once the event is over – a phone holder, a pocket journal, or a unique luxury item such as a stoneware mug.


Get set for your next event today

It’s never too early to start the planning process for event merchandise. Whether you are still at the ideas stage, or you have a clear plan for your swag, creating a fun range of branded merchandise is a great way to further the marketing strategy of your business.

And yes we know Events are stressful!:

Working with us can take one of those stresses away. Working with a full service merchandising partner for your events will ensure that merchandising is one elements of the mix you never have to worry about. Whether you are looking for conference bags, lanyards, conference folders or name badges we have you covered. We’ll work with you on your exact needs and support you throughout the process, whether you’re looking to wow potential clients or reinforce brand awareness.

Do you need help producing promotional merchandise, conference swag or event giveaways?

Get in touch with Connect Promotions today. Whether you organise corporate events, want to make a virtual event extra special, or are simply looking for more inspiration for your next conference, Connect Promotions can help.

From branding ideas through to design of full color artwork, production management and delivery, Connect Promotions provides an end-to-end merchandising service perfect for your next conference, trade show, or brand event.

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