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5 Best Promotional Product Trends For 2024 In Ireland

Will 2024 be the year that your promotional marketing takes your business to the next level? Right now, brand leaders are planning their marketing strategies for the year ahead and it’s a great time to make the most of promotional product trends that will set you ahead of the crowd. Here’s our guide to the promotional items that are taking the market by storm this year, so read on for our top tips and insider recommendations.


Eco friendly promotional products continue to lead the way this year and we can help you to make the most of this trend with our high quality ranges of eco stationery, eco clothing and eco technology. We’re also seeing fun promotional items topping the list of promotional product trends 2024 and this includes products that support a healthy lifestyle and will make a lasting impression on your clients and employees. Premium corporate gifts are another popular trend and cutting edge products, such as limited edition wireless technology items, are an excellent way to boost your brand exposure and increase customer loyalty.


5 Top Trends in the Promotional Products Industry:

Your promotional products can reflect the values and ethos of your company and connect with your target audience to build your brand identity. Getting your promotional marketing right means creating a range of promotional items that works well for your business and can be used in a variety of ways, including giveaways, at corporate events and in employee reward and recognition schemes. Different situations and events require a different approach and making the most of promotional product trends can enable you to get the best outcomes on every occasion.

Our top recommendations for 2024 include:

1.      Wellbeing products.

The health and wellness industry is booming and promotional products that reflect this are excellent for brand loyalty and creating positive impressions of your business. For instance, branded yoga mats and wheat straw hot packs are promotional gifts that are proving very popular with young, professional demographics. The upcoming year will see a boom in wellbeing products made from natural materials or made with sustainability in mind, and you can capitalise on this when you make the most of opportunities to use these promotional products at your corporate events and in employee reward and recognition programmes. Personalization can make desirable wellbeing promotional products a great way to share your logo and your message with the world, and partnering with well known brands helps to align your company values with a forward thinking, positive mindset.


2.      Wireless products.

Wireless promotional items are only going to get hotter in 2024 and making the most of technology in your promotional marketing strategy is a great way to stand out from your competitors. Wireless items are used daily and are a desirable, popular gift that your customers and employees will love, so they’re a excellent way to impress your target audience and boost your brand awareness. A wireless charger, for instance, will be used over and over again by your recipient and their friends and family, and will probably be displayed prominently in the home or office to give you multiple opportunities for brand exposure. We have a great selection of wireless speakers, charging stations and earbuds, and feedback suggests that customers and employees appreciate these gifts above most other promotional product trends.


3.      Eco-friendly Products.

Consumers are increasingly checking out the green credentials of the companies they work for and buy from, and they are particularly looking out for a commitment to sustainability and fairly trade products. If your range of promotional products doesn’t contain a good selection of eco-friendly promotional products, you’re missing out on this important trend. We have a great range of eco products that includes eco stationery, eco technology and eco clothing, and we will help you to select promotional products made with sustainable materials and sound manufacturing processes. A drinking bottle made from stainless steel that can be reused many times is a great example of the eco friendly, reusable products we stock, and this is a popular choice for events and reward schemes worldwide. Eco drinkware is a particularly good option for promotional products in Ireland, where the disposable coffee cup levy ensures that your recipients will be saving money as well as the planet when you gift them a reusable cup or bottle. Eco friendly options align your business with the forward thinking companies that prioritise sustainability and will help you to stay ahead of the curve in 2024.


4.      Leveraging retail brands.

At Connect Promotions, we have focused on elite corporate gifting for a long time and the industry is finally catching up! By partnering with market leading retail brands, you can make the most of the impact your promotional items have and share in the reflected glory of well established, designer brands and we can help you to do this. We work with corporate partners such as The North Face and Berghaus to source top quality branded items that work well in promotional campaigns and other events. Limited edition products such as writing sets and waterproof clothing branded with your logo alongside designer branding can enhance your promotional efforts and make a lasting impression on the recipients of your promotional gifts. Premium brand gifts created in partnership with retail brands are extra special items so we usually recommend them for corporate gifting opportunities and employee reward and recognition programmes, giving you the opportunity to show your most loyal customers and team members your appreciation.


5.      Technology products.

We’ve already discussed wireless promotional products, but there are many other technology based gift ideas that are proving very popular in the promotional product industry today. RFID wallets and card protectors are an innovative option to provide security and peace of mind, and these are a sleek and stylish gift idea that your recipients will love. From power banks to smartwatches and mobile phone accessories, our technology selection gives you the opportunity to enhance your promotional gifting programme and improve your consumer culture with gifts that will be truly appreciated. Some promotional gifts may be targeted towards a specific environment, such as a home office for remote workers, and these will be particularly popular since they will save your employees money and time. Promotional gifts that help to create memorable experiences will stand out from the usual office supplies, and making the most of technology products such as cameras and speakers can do exactly this.


Have Fun With Your Promotional Marketing in 2024

Choosing your promotional marketing products for 2024 can be a fun opportunity to explore the market and the trending promotional products to see what will work best for your company. The way you select and distribute branded merchandise can speak volumes about your ethos and values, and having a strong range of options can enhance your marketing efforts significantly. Here at Connect Promotions, we understand the trending promotional products and how to make these work for your company, and we are committed to helping you develop a range of branded merchandise that stands out for all the right reasons.

Matching your marketing efforts to your event is crucial. When you’re looking for promotional items for trade shows, for instance, you will want a larger quantity of low cost items such as tote bags or stationery. However, you can ensure that these items make a big impact with your audience by focusing on recycled materials and sustainable product packaging. They may be just giveaways, but they say a lot about your brand and the way you work in the world! Your products can also be themed to tie in with your business and your event, with well being products a great example of this for a company that focuses on physical and mental health or an event that is geared towards health and wellbeing.


Find Innovative Promotional Gifts At Connect Promotions

Here at Connect Promotions, we know exactly how to make the most of your branded merchandise, and we can help you to select product categories that represent your brand and improve your outcomes. With our expertise and your unique business, working in partnership allows us to create a range of products that will grow your brand and includes suitable options for every circumstance, from event giveaways to corporate gifts. We will help you every step of the way, from conceptualisation and design through to the delivery of your branded products to you or to your recipients, anywhere in the world.

When you are looking for promotional merchandise in Ireland, including CorkDublin, Limerick, Galway and Waterford, we can work with you to ensure that you get it right. Whether you need branded uniforms, swag boxes or giveaways for a trade show, we can make the latest trends work for you. Talk to our friendly team to find out more about working with us to create promotional products and corporate gifts that can take your business forward.

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