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7 Christmas Corporate Gift Ideas Your Team and Clients will Love

Christmas corporate gifts

Our favourite time of the year is fast approaching and it’s time to think about Christmas corporate gifts for your team and the clients you work with. Christmas is a great time to show your appreciation to the people who make your business a success, and a 2015 survey by Musgrave Marketplace revealed that 86% of Irish SME owners would be giving corporate gifts to their clients at Christmas.

The corporate gifting trend continues to grow, and considerations such as choosing sustainable gifts and ethical companies to partner with are becoming increasingly important too. Options that use recycled or more sustainable materials can reflect positively on your business and show that you care for the planet as well as for your employees and clients. Getting your corporate gifting right can make a big difference to your customer and staff loyalty, as well as increasing feelings of positivity about your business. We’ve come up with some ideas to impress your team and your clients, so you can celebrate a happy Christmas all round.


7 Promotional Gifts for Christmas 

  1. Premium clothing brands. Clothing is always a popular promotional gift because it’s so practical, and you’ll find top quality options including Helly Hansen, Berghaus and The North Face in our range. From warm, waterproof outerwear to essential layers, the selection includes options for everyone as well as a variety of rucksacks and bags that make ideal gifts. There are recycled and sustainable options throughout the range and many of the companies we partner with pride themselves on their ethical position so you can rely on their integrity and values.


  1. Smartwatches. Smartwatches are popular among many different audiences, and our range includes options with different features so that you can make your choice depending on who you want to appeal to. Whether you want to opt for a simple pedometer, an activity tracker or a multisport smart band with GPS, we’ve got options to suit all preferences and budgets. Smartwatches are an excellent corporate gift that will really feel like a treat to receive, and they also work well as part of an employee reward and recognition scheme.


  1. Speakers. Bluetooth or wireless speakers are another excellent example of a desirable and innovative corporate gift that your employees and clients will actually want to receive. Options include sustainable speakers made from bamboo and recycled plastic, and designs in a range of eye-catching shapes and styles. From vintage to waterproof speakers, you’ll find many choices that will appeal to your recipients and we’ll be delighted to help make your corporate gifting programme work for you.


  1. Earbuds. Selecting a modern day essential such as wireless earbuds for your corporate gifting programme will set you ahead as a forward thinking business that understands its employees and clientele. You will find a range of earbuds in our range, including high end brands and those made with sustainable materials. There are also several accessories available in our range, such as charging cables and protective cases, so you can tailor your gifting to suit your recipients and your marketing budget.


  1. Travel mugs. Travel mugs are a daily essential for many people these days, and this is a great example of a promotional product that is both useful and appealing. Our range includes beautiful ceramic options and sustainable choices that make use of recycled materials and sustainable bamboo. Travel mugs are a simple gift that is suitable for everyone, making them ideal for Christmas gifting in the office or for sending out to your top clients. They’re affordable and look great, and they’ll send a positive message about the way your business values those who make it work.


  1. Flasks. Flasks are another essential item that many people use on a daily basis. Our range includes attractive and innovative designs that make taking your favourite drink from home easier and more appealing. The research tells us that corporate gifting is especially effective when you choose sustainable options, and we have flasks made from recycled materials as well as glass and bamboo options to tick the environmentally friendly box. You’ll love the sleek designs that our top quality partners offer, and – more importantly – your recipients will love them, too!


  1. Sports/water bottles. Sports/water bottles are ideal for anyone with an interest in health and fitness, and there are many options to consider when you choose to use these in your corporate gifting strategy. You might prefer a high tech option that tracks your water intake, or a sleek design that makes the most of recycled and sustainable materials. Water bottles are an easy choice for your corporate gifts since they have almost universal appeal and are widely affordable. They make a great Christmas gift, much more original than the standard office chocolates, and will remind your recipients of your appreciation every time they use them.


Make your Corporate Gifting Count this Christmas 

Christmas is a time when you can make a real difference to staff morale and commitment with your corporate gifting programme and we can help you to make the most of your investment at this time. Whether you want to give an attractive, practical water bottle or a high end bluetooth speaker will probably depend upon the amount of gifts you are giving and the demographic you are gifting to, and we can help you to make the best choices to suit your situation.

Here at Connect Promotions, we know what will work for your business and – perhaps more importantly – what will not. When you partner with us, we can work with you from the initial development of ideas to delivery of your promotional gifts to your workplace or corporate event, and we can help you to design a range of promotional products that will work for your trade shows and events as well as corporate gifting programmes. Talk to us today to see how we can work together to benefit your business.


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