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How To Build The Perfect Onboarding Pack for 2024

Onboarding kits

Onboarding new employees is an important part of the hiring process, welcoming new hires into your company and ensuring that they feel welcome and appreciated in their new workplace from day one. Welcome packs are a growing trend and we love this as a way to set the tone for company culture and inclusion, increasing positive impressions of your business and building loyalty and team morale from the outset.

Earlier this year, an article in The Irish Times reported that around 40 percent of employers in Ireland were planning to make new hires in the next quarter, and that 81 percent were struggling to find the new talent they needed. This shows the competitive nature of the employment market at present and indicates the importance of nurturing those who join your business. Onboarding packs can be a great way to get your new hires off to a good start, and once word gets out, your reputation as a generous and caring employer will help you to attract the very best of new talent.


What are onboarding packs?

A welcome pack, or onboarding pack, is a selection of promotional products that is carefully curated for new employees, welcoming them into your company and showing them what kind of business they are joining. It will usually include the basic information they will need in their new role, such as a staff handbook, any essential paperwork and a personalised welcome schedule, along with a selection of promotional products – often a combination of fun and practical gifts – to reflect the company values and ethos and make sure they feel part of the team immediately.


Why are onboarding packs important?

Onboarding packs can make a great difference to how your new employees feel as they begin their role in your company. Coming into a new workplace can be an intimidating experience and an onboarding pack can be a great way to put them at ease, bringing an element of fun into their arrival and welcoming them to your corporate family. If you are welcoming new remote workers to your team, it may be even more important to set a tone of welcome and inclusivity, sending them an onboarding pack that ensures they feel involved in the company culture from the start.


5 Promotional Gifts for Your Onboarding Packs

 Your onboarding boxes should reflect the unique approach and style of your business and choosing the right promotional products to complement your values is a great way to establish a connection with your new hires. We’ve selected some of our top promotional products for onboarding packs and we’ll be happy to help you find the perfect combination for your company.


1. Water Bottles

A water bottle is a great gift to include in your onboarding packs as it will be helpful throughout the working day, encouraging healthy habits as well as representing the quality your business strives for. We have an extensive range of water bottles to choose from, including high quality brands such as Camelbak. We love the Camelbak Chute Mag 600ml Copper Vacuum Insulated Bottle, with its sleek design that demonstrates your integrity and style.


2. Jackets & Hoodies

Branded clothing is a fantastic promotional option for many companies, especially those that wish to project an impression of adventure and connection with the outdoors. If your company is keen to demonstrate a positive and practical attitude, we recommend The North Face100 Glacier Full Zip Fleece, a lightweight essential for outdoor adventures that exudes quality.


3. Wireless Charger

Tech gadgets are extremely popular as gifts in onboarding packs, and those with a sustainable element are even more desirable. Consumers are more aware than ever of eco friendly product choices and showing that your company cares about the environment is likely to create a more positive mindset in your new employees. This Frame Wireless Charging Desk Organiser is made from sustainable bamboo and is a sleek, practical option that will look great on desks and prove useful throughout the working day.


4. Reusable Coffee Mugs

Reusable coffee mugs are one of the most popular promotional products of the moment and including these in an onboarding pack is a great way to show off your sustainable credentials. The Americano Pure Antimicrobial Insulated Tumbler is a great choice, perfect for printing with your company logo to create a fun and practical item that will be used again and again.


5. Premium Notebooks & Pens

Who doesn’t love stationery? Premium notebooks and pens are a classic addition to your onboarding packs and this is another item that will demonstrate your company’s style and substance. Making sustainable choices here, by partnering with an eco friendly brand or choosing items made from recycled materials, will show that you care about the environment as well as your employees and we can help you to make the most of this practical and appealing gift. We love the A5 Black Moleskine Notebook, which is a classic choice that will give your new employees a little luxury to welcome them into the fold.


Design Your Onboarding Packs Today

A great onboarding pack can make a big difference to your new employees, showing them that you are a company that cares. Making the effort to create a range of welcome gifts that are practical and fun can make new staff feel relaxed and welcome in their new role, and is a worthwhile investment in staff retention and morale boosting. We’ll help you to find the perfect combination of promotional products for your business and we’ll share our expertise on the essentials to include in your onboarding packs.

Here at Connect Promotions, we have been developing new ways to boost your business for many years and we know what works – and what doesn’t. Partnering with us makes the most of your marketing budget, optimising your investment in your business and ensuring you make choices that work on every level. We will support you every step of the way, from product selection to delivery to your workplace or corporate event worldwide, and we can assure you of our professionalism. Talk to us today and find out how we can work together to create the perfect onboarding packs and more.


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