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Think like Killarney: Elevating Your Brand and Corporate Social Responsibility with Sustainable Coffee Cups

Killarney Coffee Cup Free

The town of Killarney is leading the way on social responsibility, introducing The Killarney Coffee Cup Project this summer, in which 25 local cafes and 22 hotels signed up to participate in a ban on single use coffee cups for 12 months. This is a game changer for sustainability in Ireland, coming in ahead of the Latte Levy, which has just come into play to increase the cost of drinks sold in disposable cups. This step towards a greener approach is becoming a popular trend in universities and institutions across Ireland.

Right now is a great time to jump on this trend, introducing reusable cups and bottles into your company’s range of promotional merchandise, spreading your brand reach and demonstrating your corporate social responsibility.

Reusable cups are one of our most popular promotional products, being both practical and desirable. Our range contains plenty of reusable options, including high end brands and cost effective branded cups, and we can help you to choose the best options to complement your business image and ethos.


Supporting the Latte Levy with reusable mugs

A 2022 EnvEcon report instrumental to the decision to impose a levy on single use disposable cups investigated the real environmental cost of these and found that ‘a ‘break-even’ point for efficiently produced and cleaned reusable coffee cups over single use disposable cups to be in the region of 10 to 20 uses.’

According to the same report, the levy on single use drinking cups was introduced to ‘represent a valuable and high-profile entry point for action to reduce consumption of single use products where viable, and to encourage uptake and adoption of reusable products and sustainable behaviours.’ In light of this, it seems that introducing the latte levy has been a very successful decision, financially incentivising more environmentally friendly behaviours which will then become habitual behaviours amongst the general population.


Improve your Corporate Social Responsibility

It’s all about impressing your customers and your employees with your commitment to socially responsible actions and decision making, and making your marketing more sustainable is a great place to start. Introducing reusable coffee cups and insulated bottles into your promotional marketing range is a great opportunity to move away from plastic and many of our items are made from recycled and eco-friendly materials to further increase green credentials.

Connect Promotions is the industry leader in eco-friendly promotional products, and our experienced team will be happy to talk to you about making smart marketing decisions that your target demographic will love. We know that it’s vital for you to embrace the latest trends, and knowing that you’re doing your bit for the planet as well as optimising your outcomes is great for your peace of mind, too.


Sustainable Drinking Options We Love

Our range of promotional products includes several reusable coffee cups, mugs and insulated bottles, and you can select the options that fit best with your brand. Here, we’ve picked out some of our favourite sustainable options, with choices suitable for reward and recognition programmes, onboarding packs and corporate events, as well as swag boxes and trade show giveaways. Promotional drinkware options to consider include:

  1. Insulated bottles.

Insulated bottles are a must have item for many people and they make a highly desirable promotional gift. With options made from materials including bamboo and recycled stainless steel, these sleek, well designed bottles are classy and speak volumes about your company’s commitment to eco friendly choices. Ideal for onboarding packs and corporate gifting, your top customers and loyal employees will love these items.

  1. Eco Drinkware.

Recycled materials are better for the world and for your social conscience, and our selection of recycled tumblers and sports bottles offers many options for your promotional product range. These are cost effective, highly practical items that your recipients will appreciate for their usefulness on a daily basis. Items such as this, which are used frequently, are ideal as promotional gifts since every usage maximises brand exposure and spreads awareness of your message and logo.

  1. Travel mugs.

Travel mugs are one of the most popular items in our promotional product range, combining practicality and desirability to create the perfect option for your audience. Whether you are trying to thank your team members for their hard work or impress your biggest clients, travel mugs are the ideal choice. Our range includes options that use sustainable bamboo and ceramic materials with a choice of styles and designs that can be printed with your company logo.

  1. Copper Vacuum Insulated flasks.

Our range of copper vacuum insulated flasks combines sleek design with eco friendly priorities and these make for corporate gifts and employee rewards that will really turn heads. Made from food grade and rustproof stainless steel and sustainable organic bamboo, this range includes stylish options that will keep food hot for five hours and cold for up to fifteen hours.

  1. Coffee and tea.

Recycled drinkware is the perfect solution when you’re creating corporate gifts that appeal to your staff and clients. Adding sustainable drinkware options to your promotional products means your recipients will be saving money every time they reuse them and they will appreciate the effort and your environmentally sound principles, too.

Corporate Social Responsibility in Promotional Marketing

Getting your promotional marketing right can make a huge difference to your outcomes, putting forward an image of your business that can entice a new target audience and increase staff retention and morale. Making promotional product choices that improve your corporate social responsibility is great way to elevate your business and show you care.

Here at Connect Promotions, our aim is to make your promotional marketing more effective, making the most of your marketing budget and creating a range of promotional products that takes your business to the next level. Contact us to find out how partnering with us could work for you and schedule a consultation with one of our expert team members today.

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