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Smart Spending: Elevate Your Marketing Strategy for the Year Ahead with Promotional Products

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As we approach the final part of the financial year, it’s a great time to look at your marketing budget and see how to make the best use of what remains. If you don’t use up your budget, you’ll likely see it cut next year so your sensible decision to put aside some of your budget for potential emergencies may not do you any favours in the long run. If you’ve saved for unexpected expenses and now need to spend your remaining budget in order to keep it in future years, we can help you to identify the best marketing strategies and tools to engage your customers and team members and get the most benefit from your investment.

Marketing managers have to make smart decisions about their total marketing budget and it can be tricky to decide how to allocate funds. Promotional products are a fantastic investment in your brand reach and can help to increase morale and team loyalty amongst your employees, and build interest and raise the profile of your business within your target audience.

Making the most of your marketing budget

Making great decisions about where to invest your marketing budget begins with looking at your current expenditure and working out where your remaining money will be best spent. Promotional products are one of the most effective forms of advertising and we can help you to identify where you can use them across your marketing platforms to build engagement and promote your brand. Promo products can form a key part of employee reward and recognition programmes, as well as trade shows, corporate events and gift bags. Each marketing campaign will use promotional products in a different way, and we can help you to get it right every time.

Choosing the right promotional products can make all the difference in the success of your marketing strategies, and making choices that align with the ethos and values of your business will ensure that you stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons. Talk to us about your promotional products marketing budget and we will help you to create the maximum impact for your money.

Promotional products make a lasting impact

Promotional items are most popular when they are useful as well as attractive, and 53% of those who have received promotional gifts say that they use them at least once per week (source: Sage blog). It is important to consider the ethical implications of your promotional marketing decisions as well, since consumers are more influenced by environmental factors than ever before. Choosing intentional and meaningful products for your promotional range will show that your business is an ethical one, making responsible decisions for the planet as well as your marketing budget.

Our eco friendly promotional merchandise includes drink ware and home products made from recycled materials, as well as clothing made from organic and recycled fabrics and products that are reusable and therefore much more sustainable than disposable or single use items. There are options for all promotional budgets, and you can be sure that your loyal customers will appreciate your ethical stance.

Practical promotional merchandise increases brand awareness

Practical products top the popularity charts when it comes to choosing your promotional products, and we have a great range to choose from. Selecting a product that is likely to be reached for again and again will increase feelings of positivity and keep your brand at front of mind.

77% of consumers report that the usefulness of a promotional product is the number one reason to keep it, and the most useful items are cited as health and safety products, computer products and writing instruments (source: Sage blog). This gives you a great insight into the minds of your target audience, and you can ensure that the product choices you make are in line with this research. Gifting promotional items such as pens and mobile phone chargers means your products will be used throughout the day and your brand exposure will likely be much more effective.


Pick promotional items that complement your brand

Your promotional items should reflect your brand ethos and values and you should take the opportunity to make your branded merchandise relevant. Your marketing plan should include an analysis of your existing promotional strategies that evaluates how they are working for you, and an honest appraisal of how your promotional budget could be used more effectively. Most companies find that their corporate gifts and other promotional products are not in alignment with their brand message and this is an easy area to make improvements in.

If you are a sports company, for instance, your promotional range could include products such as sports bottles, branded clothing and wireless EarPods, which are a great fit for a client base that is active and engaged in the sporting world. Products such as pens and tote bags are not likely to be as successful with this sort of audience, and would be better suited to a recruitment or office based business, perhaps as trade show giveaways. More experienced companies that make use of professional advice in their various marketing strategies become market leaders by making the right choices here.

Connect Promotions can help you reach your marketing goals

Whatever your marketing budget, we can help you to make the most of it. Whether you are planning a specific marketing campaign or want to raise brand awareness through implementing a range of office supplies or employee uniforms branded with your company logo, we take a business focused approach to ensure your remaining marketing budget is spent wisely. We can work with you on strategies to draw in more customers and reward your loyal employees for their hard work.

Trade show giveaways and corporate events are great ideas for optimising your marketing objectives and we can provide support from conceptualising your promo products to delivering them to your workplace or special occasions worldwide. The promotional product industry is our speciality, so we know what works and what doesn’t, and we can partner with you to make your marketing budget work harder for you. Talk to us today to find out more.

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