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Stand Out in the Field: Discover the 8 Best Promotional Products for the National Ploughing Championships

Promotional Products Ploughing Championships

The National Ploughing Championships is a big event here in Ireland, and this year it takes place from September 19th to 21st in Ratheniska. For the first time, National Ploughing have had to initiate a waiting list for exhibitors due to the exceptional demand. National Ploughing Association Managing Director, Anna May McHugh, explained, “Europe’s largest outdoor exhibition is an ideal opportunity to showcase the very best of products and services to an expected 300,000 visitors.”

The National Ploughing Championships is absolutely the place to be for all the latest technology, livestock and food enthusiasts, with exhibitors showcasing their wares alongside demonstrations, competitions and displays. To ensure your business doesn’t miss out on this promotional opportunity, we can help you to create a range of promotional products for the National Ploughing Championships. Whether you want to offer gift bags or simple giveaways, or create a larger marketing campaign to celebrate the event, we can help you to get it right.


Great Promotional Ideas for the National Ploughing Championships 

  1. Promotional Pens

Promotional pens are one of the most popular promotional items out there, and this is because they’re a low cost, easily branded option that your customers will use on a daily basis. They’re perfect for trade shows and special events as they’re so easy to pop in a gift bag or give away on a trade stand. With many different types and styles to choose from, we’ll help you to ensure that your branded pens stand out from the crowd and help to grow your brand reach.


  1. Promotional Sports and Water Bottles

Water bottles, sports bottles and other drink ware make excellent promotional gifts since they can be re-used many times and are highly valued by customers. With options ranging from low cost plastic water bottles to high end steel or glass water bottles, you’ll be sure to find the perfect fit for your brand. Whether you’re looking for a giveaway or a competition prize, you’ll find great ideas in our range.


  1. Promotional Travel Mugs

Travel mugs are a popular promotional gift because they’re useful and practical, and our range of glass, ceramic and recycled plastic mugs ticks the environmentally friendly box, too. Branded with your logo, these are a great giveaway for trade shows and special events such as the National Ploughing Championships, or can be ideal for higher end corporate gifts and rewards.


  1. Branded Sticky notes

Everyone loves sticky notes and these are a great option for gift bags and trade show stalls. Branded sticky notes provide ample opportunities to extend the reach of your company logo and with deluxe or recycled options, you can pick the best fit for your business. Customers are increasingly aware of sustainable and eco-friendly product choices and showing that your business has thought about this will set you ahead of the crowd.


  1. Branded Notebooks

Notebooks can be a luxury gift option or a simple low cost promotional product, and they’re ideal for an event like the National Ploughing Championships. Stationery is always a popular choice for promotional gifts and we can help you to add a range of excellent stationery items to your marketing campaign. With options such as recycled notebooks and leatherbound notebooks, you can create the image you want to reflect the values of your business.


  1. Branded Stress balls

One of the most popular promotional products around, stress toys show that you care about the well-being of your customers and employees and are a fun and appealing promotional gift idea. With many different shapes and colours to choose from, you can customise your stress balls to fit with your company message and ethos. It’s also a great idea to use a promotional product that will appeal to people right across the age range so that your information is shared with an even bigger audience. When children pick up a stress ball at a trade show, for instance, your message will be shared with all of the adults around them as they show off their new toy.


  1. Promotional Keyrings

Everyone needs a keyring and brand exposure is maximised with a promotional product such as this that is used multiple times every day. We have a range of keyrings that includes multi purpose keyrings with torches or meter keys included. You can select photo keyrings, recycled keyrings and keyrings that suit your industry, and we’ll help you to make the best choices for your company logo and branding.


  1. Branded Shopping and tote bags

Shopping bags and tote bags are the perfect promotional gift for events such as the National Ploughing Championships because they are in high demand for visitors to fill with other promotional giveaways! Including branded bags in your range will ensure your company stays front of mind for everyone who carries or sees one of your bags, all day long. They’re a practical option with plenty of space to get your message out there and you can select the colour and style that best suits your brand.


Keep up with the competition at the National Ploughing Championships

The excitement that surrounds a national event such as this is palpable, and you won’t want your business to miss out. There’s still time to get your promotional products ready and get your message out there, and we’re on hand to help. Whether you’re exhibiting at the show or creating a competition or giveaway to run alongside it, we can discuss the marketing opportunities open to you.

You can ensure that your business makes the most of the opportunities available at the National Ploughing Championships by talking to us today. We’ll help you choose the promotional products that can optimise your brand exposure and connect with new audiences so that you can stand out from the crowd both here and at other big events in Ireland.

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