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Go Green and Grow: 8 Eco-Friendly Promotional Products That Your Customers Will Love

Campaign strategies that stand out from the crowd will connect with your clients and potential clients and send them a message about the ethos and quality of your brand. Eco friendly promotional products are an excellent way to show your audience that you care for the world and have a positive, forward thinking outlook, and this is a fast growing trend in the promotional marketing industry so it’s a vital step in defining your business as a leader in your field.

Making use of eco-friendly promotional products is simple when you work with our expert team. We’ll help you to strategise and create a marketing campaign that maximises your impact on your customers and grows your brand reach. We have many eco-friendly promotional gift options, including options for your employees, your loyal customers and potential clients you meet at trade shows.


Eco-friendly Product Awareness Grows

It’s no secret that climate change is a big issue, and more people are becoming aware of their impact on the earth’s resources every day. For this reason, consumers are carefully considering their purchases and changing their shopping habits to make more environmentally sound choices. Businesses that can take note of this shift and move towards more sustainable choices in their promotional marketing campaigns will make a more positive impression on their consumers and position themselves as responsible and forward thinking companies.

According to The Economist Intelligence Unit, the last five years has seen a 71% increase in online searches for sustainable products, and this is a global trend. It’s changed the market of promotional products forever and is a vital issue to consider when you’re looking to create a successful marketing strategy. The products you use to build connections with your customers and potential customers will speak volumes about your company and it’s well worth taking the time to make decisions that will reflect positively on your brand.


Eco-friendly products to impress your customers:

  1. Eco Drinkware

Reusable cups are fast becoming an everyday essential for many people, and this is great news for the world and for your company. We have an excellent range of reusable drinkware, including recycled tumblers, sports bottles and glass water bottles. These are items that will be used on a daily basis, taken into the office, to the gym and out with friends and this means the opportunities for brand exposure are almost unlimited. Adding your company logo to your choice of top quality drinkware will unite your product with the eco-friendly values these reusable cups and bottles represent and demonstrate your company as a caring, ethical business.


  1. Eco Stationery

Who doesn’t love stationery? It’s already one of the most popular promotional product categories, and with eco-friendly options including items made from bamboo and recycled plastic, it’s become even more appealing to your customers. From pens and pencils to calculators and office equipment, you can choose a range of promotional gifts that will connect with your target audience and help your business to make the right impact.


  1. Eco Homeware

Homeware is an innovative option for a corporate gift or promotional product, ensuring your business will stand out from the crowd when you opt for it. Making the right choices from our eco-friendly range of homeware is easy because there are so many great products to choose from. Coasters are an excellent giveaway at trade shows and our recycled coasters are ideal for including in gift bags too. For a special corporate gift or celebration of loyalty, we have some top quality kitchen items that your employees and customers will love, as well as luxurious blankets to send a caring message about your company ethics.


  1. Eco Clothing

Clothing can be a great promotional product choice to ensure your company logo gets maximum exposure. Whether you’re looking for a branded item of clothing for your employees to show professionalism or a branded item such as a cap or hat with your company logo that can be given out at trade shows or corporate events, our range of eco-friendly clothing will tick all the boxes. With recycled and organic options to choose from, you can pick the eco friendly promotional clothing that suits your brand and rest in the knowledge that your customers and employees will appreciate your thoughtful selection.


  1. Eco Technology

Eco friendly technology products are a cutting edge option that can really showcase your business as a leader. Using sustainable materials such as bamboo to create desirable products like Bluetooth speakers and charging pads brings promotional products to a new level, and your business will be aligned with these values when you choose these for corporate gifts and reward programs.


  1. Eco Bags

Branded bags are a promotional gift that can be used repeatedly, increasing your brand exposure effectively. Eco friendly bags are ideal for demonstrating that your business cares about its customers and the world, and make the perfect trade show give-away.


  1. Eco Notebooks

An eco-friendly notebook is a cost effective and easy promotional gift to add to gift bags and use in the office, too. You’ll love our recycled notebooks, pads and sticky notes and they’ll be used on a daily basis to grow your brand reach.


  1. Eco Giveaways

Our range of eco giveaways includes small but useful items that can be included in gift bags or given away at trade shows. Eco-friendly keyrings and lanyards can be branded with your company information to create a simple and effective sustainable promotional gift.


Eco friendly promotional products work

A report from Circana and the New York University Stern Centre for Sustainable Business shows that sustainability-marketed products now comprise 17.3% of purchases in comparison with conventionally marketed products, a rise of 0.3% since 2021. This shows the huge growth in awareness of eco-friendly products, and companies that fail to capitalise on this trend will be kicking themselves in the future.

We’re here to help you to create the sustainable promotional product range that will align your business at the forefront of your industry, showcasing your positive values and connecting with the audience you want to reach. Talk to us to find out more about how your business can make the most of the trend for eco friendly products today.

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