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7 Amazing Premium Brands For Promotional Outdoor Clothing

Helly Hansen Employee Branded Clothes

When you are sourcing promotional clothing for your staff team or for your loyal customers, you know that it’s very important to get it right. On-point branding and attention to detail will mean the difference between items that are worn on a daily basis and those that never get a second wearing. Here at Connect Promotions, we know what works and what doesn’t, especially in typical Irish weather! We will ensure that your promotional outdoor clothing always makes the right impact.

Our research shows that high-quality promotional clothing is a great way to grow your brand and spread your message, and making a connection with a big name label will improve your business’s image. We work with several top-quality brands to create branded clothing that works across every level of marketing. Creating promotional clothing ranges that work for you will help you to make the most of your marketing investment, and a partnership with a top name brand can make a huge difference to the success of your strategies.

Our Top Brands For Promotional Outdoor Clothing:

The following brand partners are some of our most highly recommended, and you can find out more about the opportunities to create promotional outdoor clothing with these brands when you talk to us at Connect Promotions:

  1. Helly Hansen. Helly Hansen is a highly renowned supplier of excellent outdoor and professional grade waterproof clothing, and has been building an outstanding reputation for more than 140 years! The Helly Hansen brand has long been associated with skiing and sailing, and if your company is looking for branded clothing that fits with an outdoor, rugged and reliable brand, this could be the ideal match for you. Helly Hansen has long been at the forefront of professional clothing for mountaineers and athletes, and when you associate your brand with this innovative technology and inimitable style, you’ll speak volumes about the quality and durability of your business.

Helly Hansen Promotional Clothes

  1. The North Face. The North Face is a pioneering brand that has been working to create great clothing for athletes and explorers since 1966. With many environmental initiatives to increase their sustainability, your business can benefit from a partnership with this great company. It’s a good connection if you’re creating products for athletes or promoting exploration in your work, especially since The North Face values being a leader of young people, empowering them to take action on climate change and setting up an Explore Fund for young people to encourage them to get out and experience the outdoors for themselves.

The North Face Promotional Clothes The North Face Employee Branded Clothes

  1. Patagonia. Another big name in the outdoor clothing industry, Patagonia specialises in providing the latest in multifunctional active wear. With ranges for climbing, surfing, trail running, mountain biking, fly fishing and skiing/snowboarding, the options for creating your own promotional clothing in conjunction with Patagonia are almost endless. Imagine a stylish Patagonia jacket with your business logo embroidered or printed onto it, and consider what a great corporate gift this would be for your leading staff team or your most loyal partners. When you work with a top quality brand, you benefit from their established reputation, and such an association reflects very positively on your company and the ethos behind it.

Patagonia Promotional Clothes

  1. Jack Wolfskin. Aligning your company with a brand like Jack Wolfskin will automatically put you at the forefront of developing technology in outdoor clothing. With a wide range of innovative products including clothing for adults and children, Jack Wolfskin is a constantly evolving brand, with a new range of vegan and recycled products that take sustainability to the next level. We are proud of our partnerships with pioneering companies such as this, and we are excited to work with your business to make the most of such partnership opportunities in your corporate merchandise.

Jack Wolfskin Promotional Clothes Jack Wolfskin Promotional Clothes

  1. Trespass is synonymous with quality, and is devoted to finding reliable and stylish solutions for men, women, children and even dogs! Founded in Glasgow in 1938, Trespass has grown from a uniform manufacturer into one of the UK’s most successful outdoor clothing retailers, and is thriving online and on the high streets of many cities and towns in the UK and Europe. Here at Connect Promotions, we can help you to reap the benefits of a partnership with a company such as this, and we will work with you to develop a range of promotional clothing that works for you and your customers and staff.

Trespass Employee Branded Clothes Trespass Promotional Clothes

  1. Columbia leads the way for technology-filled hiking gear, and you can make the most of this when you partner with the brand to create promotional clothing as part of your promotional marketing range. Passionate about helping people to get outdoors for more than 80 years, Columbia specialises in clothing, footwear and accessories that make the most of cutting edge technology. Your branding on products such as these offers a great opportunity to bring your business in line with the quality and style that Columbia epitomises, and we can help you to create products that really stand out from the crowd.

Columbia Promotional Clothes

  1. Berghaus. Quality outdoor wear designed by Berghaus makes the most of more than 50 years of experience in creating durable, practical clothing that looks great. We are pleased to partner with companies like Berghaus who are taking the lead on reducing environmental impact with their MADEKIND initiative, and we believe that this can open up a lot of potential for your business as you create a range of promotional clothing that is in line with your ethos. As ethical and sustainable choices are becoming the most important consideration within your marketing strategy, this is a great way to align your values with the right partners and make connections that work for everyone.

Berghaus Promotional Clothes

If you’re looking for branded promotional clothing, we can help you to consider the options offered by these excellent big name brands. You can create promotional outdoor clothing, equipment and accessories that suit your logo and your ethos, and we can work with you to ensure that every aspect of your promotional marketing is right.

Find Branded Promotional Clothing At Connect Promotions!

Our brand partners are specialists in their areas, and the world-renowned brands above are just a few examples of those we work within the promotional outdoor clothing field. We have many years of expertise in creating promotional clothing that gets great results, and we can help you to make the most of your investment.

When you are looking for promotional clothing in Ireland, including Cork, Dublin, Limerick, Galway and Waterford, we can help to streamline the process. Talk to our expert team to find out more about working with us to create promotional clothing and corporate gifts that make the right impact amongst your customer base and staff team.

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