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The Value and Impact of Promotional Products

Did you know that promotional marketing is one of the most important ways to spread your brand reach and raise the profile of your business? Many people think that promotional marketing is not an effective investment in our modern world, but the Global Ad Impressions Study, released by the Advertising Specialities Institute (ASI) each year, shows that promotional products are the most highly regarded form of advertising, and that consumers are 2.5 times more likely to have a positive opinion of promotional products compared to internet advertising.

Like any marketing strategy, promotional products can only have a positive effect on your business if developed and targeted correctly. Working with an expert in this area can be a helpful way to make the most of your investment, and here at Connect Promotions, we specialise in working with businesses to develop a unique range of relevant and engaging promotional products that will create positive outcomes. Working with us can put you streets ahead of the competition, and understanding the value and impact of promotional products is a great place to start.


Why Use Promotional Marketing?

Marketing campaigns aim to put your brand at front of mind for as many people as possible across your target demographic, and promotional products are a very immediate way to achieve this aim. Promotional products have a longevity that other forms of marketing do not have, and are an excellent way to create a physical connection with your audience.

Promotional marketing works because:

  1. It lasts. While video and radio adverts usually last for one to two minutes, promotional items are kept for long periods of time, ranging from around 9 months for writing instruments to around 16 months for branded outerwear, according to ASI research. While the millennial generation has already learned to effectively ‘tune out’ advertising on TV and online, a tangible product cannot be ignored. This means that the people who receive your promotional items will interact with your brand in a much more real way, and for much longer than any other form of advertising, and this works to build a strong and effective connection between your business and your audience.
  1. It’s cost effective. The cost of promotional marketing can be significantly lower than the cost of digital advertising campaigns, for example, so your value for money in relation to brand exposure is much greater when you get your promotional marketing right. Promotional marketing done well is a great way to boost your revenue, and customers who receive promotional products tend to order and re-order more frequently than those who do not. Even high end promotional items are shown to be cost effective in terms of the brand loyalty and return custom that they inspire, and we can help you to design low cost promotional items that really work for your brand.
  1. It’s relevant. Good promotional marketing is relevant to the brand and audience in question, and is a far cry from the generic branded items that have become outdated. Consumers are becoming very selective in the way that they connect with promotional items, and low quality, unsustainable products are not likely to have a positive effect on your audience. When you work with us, we will identify your target audience and their preferences, and this will enable us to design a range of products that are attractive and relevant to them. At the moment, great looking products that are useful are the most likely to have a positive and lasting impact, and those companies that make sustainable choices are likely to reap the rewards. ASI statistics show that the quality of a product accounts for 52% of the decision to keep a promotional product, while 48% relates to the utility of the item and 36% to the attractiveness of it, so you can see how influential these factors really are.
  1. It’s positive. The way in which promotional marketing is used influences the positive feelings that your customers and potential customers have about your brand, and studies show that using a promotional product in conjunction with a sales letter in direct mailings can increase response rates by up to 50%. Crucially, customers who receive promotional products are seen to express more goodwill towards a company than those who do not, and this can only be good news for any business. Brand ambassadors are an extension of this idea, creating an active audience who will engage further with the concept of your business.
  1. It’s flexible. Any good marketing campaign will be adaptable to a multi platform approach, and promotional marketing is especially flexible in this way. You will, no doubt, have seen marketing campaigns that engage consumers in a collective online campaign, such as those that call for videos of individuals carrying out a challenge. These are easily adapted to feature a promotional product, and this can be a great way to build brand identity and a sense of community in your marketing. Successful campaigns run this way are extremely popular with customers and businesses alike, and we can help you to hone this technique and create a campaign that really works for you.


Get Your Promotional Marketing Right With Connect Promotions

Here at Connect Promotions, our expertise can take your marketing strategy to the next level. We have many years of experience in creating campaigns that work and developing effective ways to use promotional marketing to grow your brand. Every business is unique, and we will tailor our approach to suit you and your ethos, so that you receive the service you really need.

When you are looking for promotional merchandise in Ireland, including Cork, Dublin, Limerick, Galway and Waterford, we can help you to get it right. Our team can work with you to streamline the way you advertise, from conceptualisation to delivery of your products to you or your recipients worldwide. From luxury promotional items to corporate gift bags, we are on hand to create the outcomes you want.

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