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5 Essential Promotional Items For Any Sports Club

Keep an eye on your branding goals this year with our vast range of promotional sports items. It is that time of year again when the GAA championship is looming. Not to mention the many rugby and soccer leagues happening all around the country. So whether you’re looking to re-brand your sports club or your company is looking to sponsor your local team, promotional products are the perfect match (no pun intended) for your local team and promotional campaign. In this post we will outline the 5 essential branded items you need to promote your sports club.

1. Poloshirts

Promotional clothing is the most effective way to gain brand awareness for your sports club. Think about it, whether on or off the pitch, your club members and staff will be showing support for the team while also promoting your company or brand. We also provide premium clothing from the world’s leading brands that can be beautifully and discreetly branded and are a perfect option for a staff reward and recognition scheme.

2. Water Bottles

Promotional water bottles are easily one of our most popular and practical promotional products. Their versatility, large branding area, and eco-friendly options mean that they are a great investment. Not to mention, they are a necessary addition to your sports club kit. Our range of drinkware is always expanding, meaning that your club will discover the right branded sports bottle for them.

3. Sports Bags

It is very important for your team to have a waterproof and durable bag so that their kit is safe pitchside, whatever the weather. Plus with every player needing their own individual gearbag, a branded bag will make sure that your team stands out from the crowd. Your players will undoubtedly carry your logo around with them at matches and on their travels too. Now that is value for money!

4. Towels

Now an essential part of your player’s kits as everyone needs their own personal towel due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this is a great opportunity to provide your team with branded merchandise. As towels are highly reusable and can be used in many different settings, your brand will garner many impressions throughout the product’s lifetime, making the brand recall strong on towels.

5. Hot/Cold Packs

Maybe an out of the box idea, and one that you wouldn’t necessarily think of when putting promotional sports kits together, but branded hot and cold packs are a great idea for a sports club. This way your brand is not only associated with fun and fitness, but also care, health and empathy.

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