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Getting back to business – 4 top tips to help employees return to work safely

All over the world companies are installing high screens around employees desks, providing hand sanitisation stands or offering more workspace to ensure a safer distance at work. Regardless of whether we like it or not, the future of the workplace is about to change forever. 

Both small start-ups and larger corporations are currently making the necessary changes required to adapt to this new normal, but it must be carried out both safely and carefully to ensure employees feel safe. 

If you are currently creating a strategy to help your team return to work in the future then take a look at Connect Promotions 4 top tips to help your team to return safely to work.

1. Access to hand sanitiser & cleaning products

The simplest way to help your employees to follow your safety guidelines is to provide them with all the tissues, hand sanitisers and reusable facemasks that they might need to stay safe either commuting to work or while at work. Installing workplace hand sanitisation stations at each entrance and near busy work areas is something you should also consider. Some of these devices are even touch-free and won’t take up too much space. They will also help reinforce your hygiene strategy. 


2. Re-organise furniture & add protective barriers

Many offices around the country are looking for ways to re-organise the layout of their offices. Why not take a clear look at the floor plan to ensure there is enough space to maintain a safe distance between each employees desk, we would suggest you check government guidelines before you make any major changes. Other ways to improve the safety of employees is to increase the height boundaries of each workstation while adding dividers to all desks. These will act as workplace protective barriers and will help reduce unnecessary social interaction within the office space. 


3. Maintaining a Social Distance

One of the most effective ways to slow the spread of Covid-19 is to maintain social distance between you and your colleagues. Communicate that it is required to keep a safe distance from each other at all times and to avoid sharing workplace items and stationery. These might be obvious but we must continue to remind employees of these protocols to ensure safety. Providing your employees with visual aids to help them reduce the spread of germs will also help reinforce the government’s safety guidelines and help each individual create safer, more hygienic habits going forward.

4. Desk Cleaning Policy & Products

Another way to help reduce the spread of this virus is to limit the use of shared workstations. Introduce a policy to ensure people sanitise their desks and work equipment at the end of each workday. They should also try keeping desktop items to a minimum when at work to avoid any cross-contamination with co-workers. Providing access to anti-bacterial sprays and wipes will help encourage employees to carry out these necessary tasks. Other ways to help combat the spread of germs would be to offer Antibac pens and hygiene keys. Shared workstations are full of germs and bacteria so cleaning your desk thoroughly on a daily basis will ensure germs are under control. 



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