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3 ways promotional merchandise can have a positive impact on remote employees

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Over the past number of weeks, most companies in Ireland and across the world have begun working from home due to the CoronaVirus outbreak. This has changed how we communicate and interact with our employees and colleagues. It has also left some people feeling a little unmotivated or disconnected from their co-workers. Here at Connect Promotions, we know first hand how promotional products are a great way to drive employee engagement, boost productivity and positivity among teams. Whether it’s tech-gadgets, company apparel or even some sweet or chocolate treats, these gestures can have a significant impact on remote employees. Here are some simple ways promotional merchandise can have a positive impact on your team. 

Boosts team spirit & company pride

While we are all away from our office workspace, we might need a little reminder that we are all in this together for the greater good. Send out a company t-shirt or hoodie to each member of your team and instantly remind them that they are still part of a company who cares about them during this disruptive time. You could also send branded water bottles, coffee cups or even just some useful stationary to help them stay productive. This also promotes a sense of community, which is something we all need right now and allows employees to use and wear their company merchandise with pride.

Connect_promotions merchandise

Shows employees you appreciate & value them

Mail your employees some fun company merchandise while they settle into their new  home offices so they know just how grateful you are  for their efforts going forward. This will create a sense of gratitude for their work during this adjustment period. It also lets your team know that you are there and want to help them stay happy and productive.  Why not send chocolates or useful wellness products to help them stay healthy and enjoy downtime from home. When employees feel valued and appreciated they tend to be more productive and work rates improve. 

Connect_promotions merchandise

Maintains company culture & promotes engagement

As we previously mentioned, most of us are currently working from our home offices until further notice. This can have a serious impact on company culture as well as employee engagement. One way to help combat this lack of engagement is to choose some specific products to send your team. Why not send them some company coffee mugs and host an online coffee morning together to generate a little energy and excitement while working apart. Other products could include branded headphones, mouse mats or even colouring books to help your team improve their focus and their minds. These promotional products will help you maintain positive engagement and ensure that the company is still an interactive, fun place to work even during these challenging times. 


Connect_promotions merchandise

Don’t forget to check out our new ‘Working from Home’  section on our website and let us help make your promotional marketing work by partnering with us. We can help you develop a range of relevant promotional products that will help spread your brand’s reach and engage with new audiences. We can work with you from conceptualisation to delivery, and we aim to exceed expectations every time.

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